• People all throughout history have taken cryptic and vague prophecies and have interpreted them in ways to support the story they want to tell. Its human nature to want to know why, how, when, etc. and to try to make sense of the world they are in. Sometimes people just go a little too far off the deep end.
  • Does it accur to you that the world is not going to end and that most of what you hear is fear mongering and control from an outside influence that wants to constantly control everything in the name of the non-existant god, information and knowledge is power and do you think IF someone knew the truth they would tell it to you IF they wanted to get rid of you ??? . 2012 the Gallatic Cycle of the solar system reaches the apex of the turn in that year (suposedly) and is it possible that you will get earthquakes, YES, Volcanoes, YES, Tsunami's, YES and do people die during these events, YES, and can civilizations fail because of this, YES, and can there be a Mass Extinctions, YES, But the WORLD will continue as it has for billions of years and the human species has seen 3 of these cycles there are still here the real question is do we go back to 0 in all that we know and have come to achieve and revert back to primative superstiouse knowlegde or do we make plans for the aftermath of such an event ... ~Nemo~
  • No one knows the day or hour (Year) the angels don't even know, He will come like a theif in the night, no one expecting it. Don't count on Him coming when people predict He will

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