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  • Smoking marijuana can yellow your teeth, but 'smoker's toothpaste' should help with the problem. Yellowing is caused by compounds in the smoke, and any method of smoking which filters the smoke will help diminish, but not eliminate the problem.
  • Cannabis smokers use much, much less than your tobacco users. With standard brushing of your teeth, they will stay healthy and white, no problems. Dark soft drinks, and coffee would probably stain your teeth faster.
  • It could, if you are a VERY heavy smoker. There are smoking devices called vaporizers that heat the pot just enough to burn off the THC without burning any of the plant itself, which reduces the amount of tar that's contained in the smoke. You don't inhale as much dangerous particulate matter, and your teeth don't get yellow.
  • yeah, I smoke both.but, recently like 4 days I have stop smoking pot and my skin is softer and scars and dryness are fading and my toenails are changing back to less of nail brittleness.

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