• You know, I've found that I've never had to type anything more complicated than a FOIL equation.
  • This is probably as long-winded as anything else I've ever typed into Excel: =IF(OR(I8<=$D$3,NOW()<$D$3),F8)+IF(AND(NOW()>$D$3,NOW()<$D$5,I8>$D$3),ROUND((H8*(NOW()-$D$3)/30*2%)+F8,0))+IF(I8>$D$3,ROUND(H8*(I8-$D$3)/30*2%,0)+F8)+IF(AND(NOW()>$D$5,I8=0),ROUND((H8*14%)+(F8*14%),0))+IF(AND(NOW()>$D$3,I8=0),ROUND((H8*(NOW()-$D$3)/30*2%)+F8,0))
  • Something hideous using IF statements coupled with array summations and rounding probably. I don't know exactly to be fair, I have done some pretty horrendous Excel formulae in my time!
  • I've done some hellacious combinations of SUMPRODUCT formulas. That is, adding one SUMPRODUCT to another based on various values in the worksheet. I wouldn't even attempt to recreate it here.
  • I don't remember exactly, but there were some ridiculously long formulas in my Computer Skills for Engineers class.

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