• Why wouldn't your S/O be with you, since the question includes the thought of possible cheating.
  • What the? No, I go to lunch with co-workers all the time, men and women. If we work late, we might order in or stop and get something together after happy hour.
  • No. One caveat though. It's a slippery slope if the intent of having lunch with them is to foster a romantic relationship.
  • Are you fooling around with the cantalope? oops, I read your qustion wrong, I thought you said, is "having lunch sent to someone else cheating"...hahah my bad.
  • I guess it's what you make of it ... lots of men and women have lunches/dinners together ... for business or just as friends. It can be perfectly innocent.
  • it's not the lunch or dinner that makes an encounter "cheating" is what is going on psychologically, the intention/purpose of the lunch or dinner.
  • If it involves deception, then yes.
  • No, not necessarily. It depends on the intention. Are you having dinner because you're attracted to the person? Are you deceptive to your significant other about your plans? Men and women can socialize, but if you're turning the romantic attention that should be reserved for your mate toward another, then you're headed down a slippery path.
  • No i dont think so as long as you are open and honest about it and not hiding it like you are sneaking around doing something.
  • No and No. If a person tells you that, they have really bad esteem problems and are just trying to guilt trip you.
  • You can eat anything to your heart's content with someone else and that doesn't make you a cheater unless you lie about it to someone who trusts you. Almost any activity with another person is harmless unless your intent is to cheat.
  • Not at all unless cheating is on your mind.
  • Not unless you are using the word "lunch" or "dinner" as code words for getting it on!
  • no it is not in either case. However, if it is for the sole purpose of hooking up well thats a different story altogether. But if its for work or just as a friend theres nothing to be worried about.
  • It depends on the situation. Does your spouse know you are having lunches and dinners with someone else? If they do know and are accepting of it and as long as dessert consist of whats on the restuarant menu and not whats sitting across the table from you, then its ok. But, if you are doing lunches deceptively w/out your spouses knowledge and even consent, then I would consider it a form of cheating. (I believe that whenever a married person does something with the opposite sex, the spouse should be fully aware of whats going on and have given their permission)
  • Um, no.
  • if it truly is just lunch/dinner with a friend, then no. But if its a date.....yes.
  • Depends on whether or not your s/o knows. Also, do you have feelings for this person that you would be going out to lunch or dinner with? If so, that might take you down the road to emotional cheating...which, might I add, is just as bad as physically cheating.
  • My gosh... no! I am always having drinks, lunch and dinner with other men. It is cheating if there is any intent other than friendship. If there isn't, then it is just two friends having a meal and catching up =) If you (not meaning you specifically) keep it from your partner though, then it becomes a bit dodgy. It should be able to be mentioned as if it were a friend of the same sex.

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