• its silly.He apologized.move on.
  • Too much time on their hands. He said something stupid. He apologized. Get over it already and do something productive with your energy.
  • She's the one keeping it going. Why don't we fire her?
  • I think absolutely nothing of them.
  • Funny, what happened after Imus apologized? Oh, that's right. there's a double standard in play here, right?
  • I thought Palin was a joke. How can Letterman be responsible for that?
  • I think the Imus situation and Letterman situation are completely different. I mention Imus because right wing nuts seem to like crying double standard. Imus did not get fired for simply making an ignorant remark. Imus has decade worth of ignorant remarks that he never got fired for. Imus got fired for attacking an entire team wit ha racial slur. Imus didn't just make an off-color joke about several innocent girls He was perceived as insulting an entire race of people publicly. What Letterman did was stupid and tasteless but if comedians got fired for being tasteless, there would only be a few left.
  • I think it's taken Letterman down a few notches, i.e., he's not as omnipotent as he thought he was and that he can't get away with everything just because he disguises it as humor.
  • It's more of the Foxonian Rhetoric(from Fox News). How they delight in such news to benefit their cause, whatever it is.
  • They need to grow up and get over themselves.
  • I hearby declare Palin's daughter a sexually deprived skunk, go ahead, sue me!
  • These people are IDIOTS ! David letterman is a COMMEDIANNE and he picks on all political figures .... and other celebs ... No One was raising hell when he made fun of George W. Bush .... even I was laughing at those jokes ...
  • Lettermen is a Idiot liberal.
  • People have too much time on their hands,and have no life of their own. Point ONE David Letterman is a comedian/host and his job is to tell jokes. Point TWO Palin has no sense of humour at all and these types of jokes have been going on for years.David should have NEVER apologized to her.
  • the ones calling for his head are the same ones who still say Bush did nothing wrong at all and he left the country in the best state its ever been in... so that says it all
  • They are whiney little crybabies. People are too quick to be offended by stuff that doesn't matter.
  • I think this has gotten way out of control. He's a comedian. He made a joke that was tasteless. After 25-30 years (or however long he's been doing this) sometimes one slips out. He has apologized. Everyone needs to get their panties out of a bunch about it and spend their energy worrying about something that is actually important.
  • It's just a joke. People always blow things out of proportion everytime a celebrity sneezes.
  • He decided to and did apologize. It's done. It's over. Lets move on.
  • The neocons need something to do. We're not starting enough wars to keep them happy.
  • I only watch sport channel, history, discovery and animal planet, so I really don't know what's going on with those folks.
  • She's an idiot,her daughter is a girl who has loose panties. They are celebrities, Nobody gets fired when they mock, Hilton,Lohan, Madonna,Brittny,and they are getting paid for appearances too. Ley her give us those clothes back and stop using her poor kids as a campaign tool. She's never going to be President. A woman of letters and intelligence should be. I will vote for that woman any day. Remember IT'S A BUSINESS!!!!
  • she called it on herself. the rest of the u.s. know sarah palin and her family as trailer trash. she's done stupid things like: use her political position to have her sister's ex fired from his position because he put up a fight during their divorce, as well as illegally withholding child visitation rights from her daughter's ex boyfriend. in any other state if you tell you ex you can't see your baby because i don't feel like it he has the right to take them to court, but sarah palin thinks she's living in a godfather movie, doing what she wants, when she feels like it, and the hell if it is illegal, she's the governor after all. it's time she realizes just how stupid she makes her family look.
  • Oh, Letterman's remark was stupid, but comedians make fun of everybody. Get a life, Palin, and stop whining.
  • It's just another example of bitter republicans overreacting.
  • They can't take a good joke.

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