• No. Just missing a conscious.
    • Mircat
      You should consider it a mental disorder: Antisocial or Sociopathic Personality Disorder At one time this was referred to as psychopathic pd, then, sociopathic and now, Antisocial PD because it is a lot more accurate than the other terms. According to the DSM IV, this disorder is characterized by a of disregard for, and violation, of the rights of others. They can appear arrogant, therefore, resembling those with narcissistic personality. However, narcissistic personalities are not impulsive, aggressive and deceitful as compared to those with antisocial personalities.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol they're only unconscious part of the time
  • no not at all
  • No, I agree with the perspective that they have a personality disorder rather than psychological issues. However, if I were speaking to someone who had little understanding of mental health then I might use the term 'mentally ill' as it conveys the right sort of idea without muddying the waters.
  • no they consciously object to following what society dictates as appropriate, you know like Socrates was a sociopath.
  • Borderline, it depends to what degree. They might have other issues combined with being a sociopath makes them dangerous mentally unstable people.
  • There is no doubt that it is:

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