• Scrappy is my life. He is so much important than I will ever be. I would live in on the street corner if need be to see that he is healthy and well. He is so much more than a member of the family is. I would run into a burning building without even thinking to save him because without him I have no life.
  • I probably would run in to the building. I would make sure i had a good chance of getting out safe.
  • I think he licks me too much. He is a part of my family but I wouldn't die for him.
  • I love my cats. They are special to me. They are deff a part of our family. I am sure no one would let me go into a burning building for them but I would damn sure try! I love my kitties!
  • Yes,I'm heroic like that ;)
  • Definitely part of my family. I wouldn't think twice about running into a burning building to save my pets. And I'd run into a burning building to save your pets, too.
  • I love my dogs (even the little one that doesn't listen). I would definitely attempt to save them from a fire, although they would probably be outside before me.
  • both my " kids ' are part of our family ... love them to bits and would not think twice to save them no matter what the situation was, thats if they had not already dragged me out already
  • Part of the family? Some of them have gotten pretty attached and feel like children. I'd run into a burning building to save them if I felt I wasn't going to get killed along with them in the process.
  • Thomas Sebastian (actually my best friend's older sister named him) is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He makes me smile every day. Tommy was born with a tail that never grew, so he has a little bunny tail. His back is a bit stiff and without the counterbalance a tail would give him he is a little less graceful than a normal cat. He also doesn't have as good of a sense of smell as a normal cat, and therefore likes anything that smells like citrus. His previous owner had declawed his two front paws. But despite all of his limitations, I can look into his Russian-Blue/Silver Tabby mix face, into those beautiful yellow eyes and love him all the more. He is my hero. Even with all his limitations, he never lets it change him a bit. He still chases my laser pointer, he still runs around the house like a little furry bullet, and he still purrs like a motorcycle when I'm sad and need someone to comfort me. I will always consider him a part of my family, as long as he lives and beyond. I would run into a burning building to save him. You'd have to get a lot of people to hold me back to stop me from doing it.
  • Yes, they are part of my family..yes, i would run into a burning building to save them..:)
  • What do I think? I love her but she licks me too much. Yes. and yes.
  • We do consider them fur family and I would try to do whatever I could to save them
  • Of course I would. I would run into a burning building to save "YOUR" pet.
  • I am ready for the down ratings. here I go. I look at my pets and think, you guys are cute and i paid alot for you guys. I do not regard them as a part of my family, but we take care of them. I wish that they were with a nice person who could make them walk on a leash, because i can not. I would not run into a burning building to save them, but i would make every other effort to try and save them, without risking my own life, my kids and parents need me and the dogs cant take care of my family or replace me. Sorry. I would let the fireman know that i have pets that need to be saved. Does that count for anything?
  • I've had all of my animals since they were born and I don't know what I'd do without them - I consider them very much a part of my family, and if I didn't at least make a tremendous effort to save them like I would the rest of my family, I would be a terrible person.
  • I love my pets as much as my family, I would risk my life to save them for sure.
  • without any hesitation-what could be more helpless? obviously infants, and animals
  • My kitty is part of my family and I would rescue him from a disaster, if he hadn't rescued himself already.
  • to tell the truth... id rescue my xbox 360 before my cat..
  • Before I had my son....Yes and yes.....Now that I have a family that needs me there, no....I love him, he's great, and so loveable....BUT when you have a baby dogs become just dogs and your cats become just your cats. I need to be here for my son.
  • Yes and Yes!
  • I see my dogs as part of the family. Yes I would go into a burning building to get them out.

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