• +5. I love God but am not a religious zealot. Science is the natural study of the works of God. If God did not create the earth and everything on it there would be no science. The two go hand in hand,thank you
  • I'll bite, why bitch about them, when your doing the same thing? We all have our beliefs, why can't we just leave everyone to theirs? Is it truly that hard? By the way, I am not a christian .. yet, I believe in science (discovering things Etc.) but not the rest of the it.
  • Who's been bashing science? I mostly see people bashing religion.
  • The question in itself shows hypocrisy. Science by its own admittance is little more than theories. The only difference is scientists put faith in their own theories than put faith in something larger.
  • I haven't run into any of them. I do however wonder how anti-religious/pseudo-science zealots who bash religion on AB justify this when the fact is that without religion in general and Christianity in particular you wouldn't even have the scientific method, universities, or any of the foundations of modern science? Isn't THAT hipocritical?
  • I guess they consider posting about their religion on the internet to be the "spiritual warfare" equivalent of hotwiring an enemy jeep.
  • Most of us don't hate or mean to seem to bash science. God created the sciences for us to discover and make good uses of. We only object to science trying to REPLACE God or making claims against His existance or Word. I respect honest science very much.
  • I see by the answers you managed to get a minority of zealots. My experience is that they don't understand the difference between a scientific theory and a religious belief. Somehow they put them on the same scale. They try to replace science with belief. A scientist would just call them lazy. They look at something like the human eye and say it's proof of irreducible complexity. They say it's Intelligent Design and stop research. Science finds ways that the eye could evolve and the zealots change the subject. Belief trumps facts every time in their world. Zealots are famous for holding up the bible and saying it's the only book they read and the only one they need. You know the argument's over when that happens. Ignorance can be cured, stupidity is permanent.
  • I agree with Karen ann's answer. Science is study of God's work to me. With out science I would be dead by the time I was 3 months old... and also at 18 years old. So Yes it is hypocritical of people who are against science yet using scientific things. I am a follower of Christ but trust in Him, not in science 100%. Like I have said before because God's always the same and science isn't perfect and it is always changing

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