• To make people feel better about it, maybe.
    • Mircat
      Obviously you have never even visted one.
  • When trailer parks were new to the world (The '50s and '60s.) they might have actually been trying to fool people. And even now that people recognise trailer parks for the decidedly non-luxurious places they usually are, the names still stuck. Or maybe trailer park owners just have great appreciation for iriony.
  • I suspect for the same reason any suburb or development is given a corny name: marketing.
  • Pleasantville? it was a dump the irony is lost on me~ the names sound high flaunting but most are not that grand In England I heard they did have some Manufactured Homes or Mobile Homes~ Trailers? and they were over $125,000 bucks~~ I guess they were well built?
  • You may be confusing trailer parks with trailers that have wheels and tow bars with manufactured homes that cannot be moved and towed. Mobile home parks have homes that can easily run 100,000+. My friend has a 2 bedroom 2 bath home with family room, a dining room, a laundry room and has 1,400 sq feet. It is a double wide with covered porches and patios. When those kind of homes are placed they are never going to be moved. Their last travel day was arriving at the park. A double wide once the two halves are "married" to each other and sealed that home is never coming apart. They are on permanent foundations there are no wheels. Its a permanent home. They are no longer mobile. You live in a gated community with a club house, heated pool, a hot tub, exercise room, and a dog park, There are holiday dinners through the year with dances and weekly breakfasts for people to meet and chat. There are activities, hobby clubs, bus trips etc. Gardeners are constantly doing yards and park property. Perhaps thats why its considered luxury.

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