• It would help a lot if people wanted to do those jobs.
  • If "we" deported all immigrants, who would do the landscaping? Clean public bathrooms? Sweep the streets? Pick up the garbage? Work the fields? Wash dishes? Do all the other shitty, dirty jobs that Americans are way to good to do, huh?
  • well it dang sure couldnt hurt!! im all for it lets get some buses! lol +6
  • It would depend if the general population would be willing to do the menial jobs that these people are forced to work at,and at wages under minimum wage,and no benefits at all.
  • It would hurt the economy even more. It's not like the illegal aliens are in great, or even good, careers. A common misconception is that they're paid under the table and send all their money abroad. They don't. They pay taxes, and since they're illegal they're not eligible for some of the services those taxes pay for. And they spend the bulk of their money locally.
  • The economy is failing because we are told it is. If you were to invest $15 from each paycheck to buy into a mutual fund, to invest in your future the economy would turn around faster than you could imagine.
  • I think it's a great idea. They do get paid under the table and most are not working at McDonalds. They do the construction jobs and high paying jobs. Why pay citizens and legal immigrants $20.00 an hour when they do it for $10.00. It's not fair for legal immigrants to have to pay taxes, pay to be here legally, etc when the illegals refuse to come here legally and still get welfare, etc.
  • Not at all, in fact, it would hurt the economy. Illegal immigrants aren't taking cream-of-the-crop jobs. They are taking the jobs that Americans don't want. They work for horrible pay, no benefits and pay taxes into the system (through purchases) and don't get any of the benefits. Americans don't want to work the kitchen at Burger King. That's why there ever were jobs for illegal immigrants to fill.
  • Not much because the snobs that live here would find it beneath them to become line cooks, busboys, construction site helpers, etc. Many Americans would never deign to do the jobs that immigrants do with gusto.
  • I think that in typical american fashion the jobs that become available americans wouldnt take thinking they are too good for them.the unemployment rate might decline somewhat but there would still be many americans still being choosy.
  • Hard to say. They do a lot of unpleasant work at low pay but they also consume a lot of social services. . IF we could actually kick them all out and then allow some back in on carefully monitored work visas we would probably come out ahead. . I would like to point out that there was a time when we didn't have illegal aliens. Jobs were done by ordinary Americans. Anyone who has been in the military knows that you have to pitch in and do unpleasant work. People who own small businesses and homes often do their own cleaning. . And finally, a quote: 'This business about "jobs Americans won't do" is crass economic illiteracy, of course. For the right wages, you or I would pick fruit. For the right wages, Warren Buffett would pick fruit.' - John Derbyshire
  • they don't usually work for pay, rather, for medical/dental/health benefits... They still make products we use and need. I consider them helpful rather than a problem... Yeah, people are out of jobs, but that's because jobs and companies are moving to other countries now... People have found it hard to get a job even before the immigration problem. Hope this helps... :D
  • Although a lot of people would argue that the jobs they take are not wanted, that is a non-issue to some degree. Despite that, I doubt it would have much of an effect. The sectors of our economy that are hit hardest right now are not effected by illegal immigrants to a high degree one way or the other. Immigrants, illegal and legal are convenient targets in times of crisis, but an objective look at immigrants usually paints a picture that has advantages and disadvantages. Even those that would point at social services that some use, would be hard pressed to find conclusive and provable numbers that show that eliminating this would make a noticeable dent in the economy, especially if you were to factor in the cost of deporting them and the loss of GNP from the money they spend.
  • The problem here is the word 'illegal'. How do we find these people?
  • Not more than 0.000001%
  • To begin with, I think you'd see a major exodus of intelligent people from the country because of the absurdity of such a large scale, heavy handed ethnic cleansing, which would cause it's own problems. I think you are underestimating the reliance of the American people on the underclass. Paying less than minimum wage is a major cost saving measure, and a very large number of companies employ undocumented workers. Private citizens rely on undocumented workers for landscaping, and domestic work, free themselves up to pursue careers. They are also much more vulnerable to falling into the sex trade, with the threat of deportation used by pimps to force compliance. The two-income family is quite common today, and undocumented workers fill the void that used to be the role of the housewife. They cook as domestics, or work in the stores and restaurants that feed us, they clean our houses, do our yard work and raise our children, all the while being paid less than minimum wage, given no benefits, and having no labor rights. The only reason so many people suffer these slave-like conditions, is because they are so criminalized by mainstream society, it is difficult for them to organize to demand rights. There is also a myth floating around that undocumented workers and their families somehow are able to receive welfare. This is untrue. Documentation is required for welfare, and many legal residents are unable to obtain it. For those who purchase new identities, they do legal work and contribute to the system. Welfare gives appallingly low cheques, and most undocumented workers are trying to support a family. When they purchase documentation, they do it so they can work legally. As such, they pay into social security, and pay taxes, yet are not guaranteed they will ever be able to retire and be supported by the system they paid in to. Among all undocumented residents, the rate of government assistance is only 20% that of the legal population. In short, no, the economy would not be helped by deporting illegal immigrants, because the slave labor extracted from them is a cornerstone of the American economy, and there would be major ethical and logistical concerns with the actual act of deportation which would be so egregious that there would be major domestic turmoil.
  • Do you think Mexico could handle five million people reentering their country over night. they would go ballistic. Just stopping the inbound traffic at the borders from this day forward would be more realistic.
  • I think it would help tremendously. There would be so many jobs open for citizens and those here legally. Also, think of the money spent every year in medical care for illegal aliens. The government cost of jailing illegal prisoners.
  • The outcome isn't the issue . . . the issue is "illegal." I'm really tired of people referring to the "immigration" issue. I live in So. California and it's not about "immigration." It's about "ILLEGAL" immigration, billboards posted in Spanish only, workers pretending they don't speak any English so they don't have to deal with you. ILLEGAL is the key here and the people who have benefited most from their presence are those who hire them with no documentation. How patriotic.
  • Cost to benefit all added up, for ever dollar they make it cost 4 to 6 in other services from law enforcement to social service programs and we wont EVEN begin to total the cost of LEGAL SERVICES as Pro Bono work and court supplied reprentation as well as translaters is also paid for by tax payers in a round about way (chuckle) they get to excersize more freedoms in my own country than I do and I wont even begin with the anti-gang task force cost and drug trafficking ... ~Nemo~
  • 5-23-2017 The nation would promptly collapse. Who do you think builds all those houses? Harvests the crops? Mows the lawns? Trains are a different story: tracks were laid mostly by Chinese and Irish.

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