• No, not all of them. ** I edited this answer due to the fact that I misread than mis answered the question.
  • No ~ they just have different priorities. Everyone must do what makes them happy, whether that be having children or not, getting married or not .... etc
  • Only a pretentious fool would ever think such a thing. Not everyone out there has had the chance to find the person they wanna marry. And not wanting to have kids is far from selfish, thats a life altering decision and it shouldn't be taken lightly. And even if a person never gor married and never had any children, that wouldn't make them selfish in any way. To be honest i think it's more selfish when a person has 5 kids, they're unnecessarily adding to the already exploding population.
  • My wife and I were talking about this the other night and for us, the answer is YES. All of our non-parent couple friends tend to be self-centered. To me you are not a true "family" until you have children. You are still just a "couple".
  • No, not at all. Some people simply aren't that keen on children, and it would be the same as saying that everyone who doesn't own a pet is selfish.
  • No. Selfishness exists right across the board. It's why so many relationships fall apart in the first place.
  • Not at all. I think it would be more selfish for a couple to have children and get married just because that is what society expects of them, what kind of life would that lead the their children having. Im sure there are a lot of people out there who would like to have children also but cant, that is sad, not selfish.
  • No, people who don't have children and who are not married are as selfish as the general population. However, having children either teaches you infinite patience and unselfishness, OR you go insane. So those WITH children tend to be less selfish than the general, non-institutionalized population.
  • Absolutely no! Couples that have children, especially out of wedlock, and don't take proper care of them are selfish and dangerous. They are the souce of youth gangs and children that go wrong in general. If a couple is not committed to each other, why should they be permitted to have children?
  • why should that make a person selfish because they choose not to be married or have children???? Please explain your reason behind asking such a question.
  • No. Being selfish has nothing to do with not being married and not having children. Some people just never find a true love in life. this includes men and women. I had a great aunt that fell in love one time and was dumped. she never gave love another chance. she was a wonderful person. She was single until she died.
  • No... more like the opposite. People who don't have kids are unselfish because the world is overpopulated and it's a problem. China tried to do something about their overpopulation by allowing only one child per family, except most of the families wanted boys and when they got girls they found ways to get rid of them which involved killing them sometimes. So, to simply not want kids is a good thing.
  • No...just more lonely.
  • I think people who indisciminately have children because its the thing to do and then, like a toy they are sick of, just ignore them and let them grow up without much parental supervision due to lack of anything to do with parenting skills are the selfish ones.
  • Some parents are extremely selfish and their kids are extremely selfish as well. I see zero correlation there. Happy Sunday! :)
  • Oh no no no. I'm not married. Nor have children and I'll give you the shirt off my back. I know someone who has children with multiple men just for the paycheck. Makes me sick.
  • Maybe they never met the right person and were wise not to settle for less. Or, maybe they weren't the right person and no one else wanted to settle for less.
  • Usually; yes. In fact, it is those factors that are among the prime ruining today's world economies ... though all the hype will claim the opposite, but then, that's why we're in this mess. Too many have believed the 'bandwagons' and hype out thee!
  • Hell no. It's better to not have children than have them and not take care of them. A lot of people have for all the wrong reasons.
  • Those little selfish brat 4 yr olds with no children! They should get married at birth and have kids before they reach diaper stage! That'll learn em!
  • No not all of them! This morning while I was watching my daughter receiving her first Holy Communion in church I looked at the people who took care of the whole ceremony, made all the preparations themselves, taught our kids religious doctrine etc. and felt so grateful towards them! These people are not married and do not have kids of their own..they offer their life, their energy, their time for the sake of our kids, and the community. In the afternoon, our kids attend for a one hour lesson to learn about God and how to become good persons with no pay. And what about the priests, nuns,and missionaries? I am sure that people who choose not to marry or have kids but dedicate their lives for the sake of others are definitely not selfish at all!
  • I feel I'd rather go extinct that suffer loud worthless little retards. Am I selfish? I'm willing to pay taxes to help families.
  • No. Marriage and having children are not for everyone, and those people who admit this are being honest and upfront about themselves. Far from being selfish, they are true to themselves---it is this honesty that prevents others from being "led on" in an intimate relationship. Some people just don't like children----it is better that they remain single and childless. That is not being selfish, just proper.
  • Not at all. We need self love, though,and those who don't have it have a hard time in life. I chose not to have that type of life because of health, financial problems,and being wise, knowing that in this world,I could perish just for it. I love myself! :)
  • 2 Timothy 3:1-5 describes the types of people that we will experience during these last days. Unfortunately, “lovers of themselves”, “without self control” , “headstrong”, those “having no natural affection”, “not open to agreement”, etc are all on this list. These are some of the many characteristics of a selfish attitude. We have to work hard to avoid developing these qualities despite the fact that it is common in our society.
  • "Selfish" is too strong but parents become accustomed to adjusting their schedules and lifestyle for the benefit of their offspring. That is done so frequently that the parent doesn't even think about their personal preferences or sacrifices. That becomes a habit and usually both parents begin to view minor hardships to accomodate many other people as a non-issue. That remains in the parent for life, long after their kids are adults with kids of their own. When those parents (retired or not) hear other non-parent adults seem put off at having to make minor accommodations for others the non-parentscome off, to parents, as being extremely selfish and self centered. Does that make the non-parents selfish, no not really. Does that make the parents better people in general, yes I believe it does.

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