• Depends on what it is.
  • Depends what you are talking about really. My husband was laid off work recently and we kept it from my son because he was taking exams and we felt he had enough to cope with without piling on more pressure. Was that a bad thing? I dont know. He is aware now, but sometimes you have to shield them from certain things. In our case, he needed to know his Dad was out of work, but he didn't need to know at that time. What kind of things are you talking about?
  • the truth will unfold its best if you tell them now.
  • Of course it is, they do not need to know everything they are children, not adults. You hide having sex.
  • Kinda makes the ol' Easter egg hunt a no-brainer if you don't. (Don't have kids, so I'm not an expert, but I do know that there are some things in this world that I'm better off not knowing about.)
  • I hide when & where I hide the salami
  • There are some things that you work on a basis of need to know.
  • Yes. Easter eggs:) Seriously, there are some things that children do not need to know about, but if you choose to do so, do it delicately.
  • sometimes you have too but sad to say children try to hide things from their parents too
  • There are different ways of presenting things to children depending on their age. It's not really "hiding" when you tell them what they are capable of understanding and not "everything". If I don't read the entire Encyclopedia to my child, I am not "hiding" anything, I am simply keeping information on his level.
  • Hell ya...I hide stuff from my son all the time, like his car keys then I laugh and laugh and then laugh some more...
  • Yeah it is. If it's harmful to them, it's not a toy (kids break stuff), they shouldn't see it, or they're not old enough. That's what a good, caring parent does.
  • YES!!! I have 3 kids, if they knew the stuff my wife and I do out on the town they would trip! just dont get caught slippin.
  • It is harmful to hide things from your child, with intentions of never letting that child know what you hid from them. My parents never told me that I had a brother who died at birth before I was born, the day of my high school graduation. I still feel some anger towards them for not telling me sooner, but I am glad that they decided to tell me anyways.
  • That would depend. If it were a birthday/xmas present, then yes, of course:) If It were about bills, not having enough money, seperation etc.. then no, I wouldn't. We need to prepare them for whats to come/happen. However, in saying that, I feel you don't need to tell them everything. Helping them to better understand the situation, letting them know that, cut backs need to be made, or mum and dad are just sorting out diferences, but will be ok, and that it's nothing about them etc... will create a better, healthier and honest relationship between parents and children in the future. Agree with 'chocstar' I would of done the same thing. And yes, the right timing!!
  • Yes when the knowledge is beyond their ability to use it or harmful to them. Parent hide things from their children to protect them. PS: I tried to send you an email but the address was NG.
  • yeahhhh specially sex
  • Some things at some times yo...
  • Knives, matches, Porn... to name a few. Yeah.
  • yes, depending on what it is.
  • It depends on what you are hiding from them. Sometimes you need to keep things from them. They don't need to know everything.

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