• It's nature's fury and I have no control over it.My likes and dislikes won't make mother nature any difference.
  • I love storms. When I was a child My Mother and I would sit on the Porch and watch the storms come over the mountains. It does not matter where i am I will always stop to watch a storm.
  • I love it. I used to sit in a car near a field and watch the lightening storms roll through. Now, I just go out on the back porch. What a show. Couple that with a good ole loud thunderous clap or two from the clouds in the area and I'm a happy camper. The awesomeness of can't be beat.
  • I love it unless I'm trying to sleep
  • I don't really like It In a way that when we get strong thunder,It always makes our lights go out... It's nature, so we have to live with It =)
  • i like it i dont really know why maybe its because i like the rain and when i hear it i know its going to be raining
  • It's odd....I love the rain and the lightning, because the rain is cleansing, refreshing, and calming, while lightning is just beautiful to me. Thunder, on the other hand, scares me a lot. It's not to the point where it's a phobia, just where I can't sleep if it's thundering, I don't like to be outside if it is, and the noise frightens me. I hate it.
  • Love them..find them exciting.
  • I used to revel in it until I started owning computers and decent sound equipment. Now I hide under the bed with my unplugged surge protectors.
  • Love it. It is proof the planet is alive!
  • I really enjoy it, but it's also kind of rare. I always want to capture a picture of it happening, but am never in an ideal location. Here's one of my better captures:
  • Love them. They remind me of a night Tom and I spent together when we were teenagers, when thunder was our background music and he never forgot how the lightning reflected in my eyes.
  • I love them. Rain, in general, cleans out the air here, but it's acid rain, so I have to ride my motorcycle with my visor down on my helmet otherwise it burns your eyes. The nice thing is how clean everything smells afterward, from the air to the sewers. We get thunder and I enjoy it; I like to be reminded how powerful nature is. We don't get lightning here, as much, but back in the States it's great for the same reason I love the rain here. Lightning creates ozone and makes the air smell fantastic.
  • Fun it watch. Sucks to "experience."
  • I LOVE it!! because they're very dramatic and spectacular!

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