• Smugglers with black products.
  • People running so they won't miss the plane, dropping things and yelling at the attendants to WAIT!!!
  • Families fussing over who was the idiot that left the plane ticket home.
  • Passengers boarding a flight are advised to check in at Gate 7. 15 minutes left for checking in. There is an announcement asking all the passengers to that flight to check in at Gate 22 with their boarding passes. Then there is this mad rush across the lounge where the young and strong make it easily jumping over the furniture, mothers with children become reckless, loose a child or some hand baggage, the old and the infirm almost loose all hope of boarding the flight in time. When they all check in finally there is the next announcement saying the flight is delayed by 30 minutes for 'technical reasons'. This is something I have seen happening at Indian Airports.
  • Thousands and thousands of people waiting in lines.
  • You at Heathrow coming to the USA to visit Us accross the pond! lol
  • people at the bar!!!!
  • standing in line waiting with your shoes off for inspection
  • The wavers,the ravers,the weepers and the greeters.
  • LA airport outbound after a cruise ship docks; long lines for check in, boarding passes, luggage, (line for each) people cutting ahead in line, me yelling at them to back off, absolute misery. Worst experience ever with very rude people and multiple lines. Security was a snap compared to the lines they made us go though.
  • I work at the airport and I see all kinds of things.tourists coming here to get drunk,have sex,and gamble. I see people whining about parking fees even rthough there are plenty of signs that give in detail the fees.
  • me picking up or dropping off a friend and thinking to myself "i'm so glad i'm not on or going on an airplane myself" (i have an extreme phobia of airplanes)
  • That dude over there is picking his nose. +5
  • Loved ones greeting each other.
  • A {{{{{{{HUGGING}}}}}}}} Reunion!
  • It's a harried blurr
  • If the teaser trailor for Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 from a while back is what I think, several Ultranationalist Rebels from Russia go on a shooting spree... ...I really can't wait for that game.
  • Suspesion,Mistrust,suspesion
  • Woman with bag trying to go thru security check. All kinds of lights and buzzards going off. Woman is pulled aside and wanded. Still lights and buzzards are going on. Woman is asked to stand behind screen and strip. Woman's recently purchased Victoria's Secret underwire bra comes off. No more lights, no more buzzards, lots of tongues hanging on the floor. Another great terrorist plot averted by our ever-alert and vigilant heroes at Homeland Security!
  • Two lazy American Airlines employees with real attitudes watch passengers stumble as they check their own luggage.
  • A sniffer dog is walking with his handler through the airport, when all of a sudden it takes off and grabs the suitcase of a middle aged business woman who is adament there is nothing in her bag of illegal nature. "Sure.."
  • The anticipation of Michael Vick walking through the security check point.........

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