• Where is this being cited? And pro choice means CHOICE... their choice.
  • they prefer pro-choice to pro-death
  • It might be difficult for someone against abortion to understand but undergoing the pregnancy would be too traumatic for some women. As much as you may think that abortion is wrong there is still a stigma attached to people having children and giving them up for adoption as soon as they are born. For a woman to endure a pregnancy knowing that she does not want to keep the child will have an enormous impact on her life, and potentially damage her future. It is true that when you talk to a doctor about termination they make no mention of adoption and perhaps they should - in a similar way to approaching families about organ donation - it is an option. However a woman should not be made to feel guilty if she still elects for the termination; it's her body, her life and her choice!
  • Abortion is a multi-billion dollar business. Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood get their profits from abortion, not adoption. Their main goal is to get the girl/woman to abort. They don't care about the baby or the couples waiting to adopt, since they aren't the ones lining their pockets.
  • In this day and age with all the information available I can not beleive that a woman doesn't know she has the right to adopt out an unwanted child. Pro choice, is just that, pro choice, meanign the woman choses whatever option is best for her. Personally, I would prefer an abortion over adoption. Although there are good families out there I have seen too many stories of the bad ones to ever be able to live comfortably knowing I had given a child away. As a mother, I know what happens to my body when I am pregnant and there is no way I would go through that to give the child away. Of course, because I know how I feel I have always been extremely careful not to have an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Adoption is certainly a viable option for some women. As has already been mentioned, some women simply could not do it. I am that way myself. While I know that having an abortion would be an extremely difficult decision for me to make, and even more difficult to actually experience, it would be preferable and more feasible than adoption. I do have a bit of a problem with the first part of the question. When abortion vs. adoption gets debated, it is often mentioned by someone that their cousin/sibling/aunt/friend/whatever had to wait over two years to adopt and they will ask why that is if there are "plenty" of children already in the world who need parents. Chances are very good that those people who have to wait the longest are either 1) not qualifying for adoption under certain agencies rules and/or 2) determined to adopt an infant. Some people will rant and cry and scream about how all they want is to be able to give a child a good, loving home but they have to keep waiting and all these horrible, selfish woman are out there "killing" their children rather than putting them up for adoption, yet at any given point during that person's/couple's wait there was at LEAST one child in foster care who desperately wants to be given a home and a family. Your own link states that there are over 150,000 children and "young people" in foster care waiting for permanent homes. According to one source, in 2002, there were an estimated 126,000 children ready and waiting to be adopted in the foster care system, but less than half were adopted. It also states that 80 percent of children are in foster care more than 11 months before they are adopted. That, of course, only addresses the parent-less children in the US. I don't know how many more children are available world-wide. Until such time as this is not the case, I cannot agree with the argument that there are lots of couples that just want to give a child a good home. What they really want is a baby. It's not as selfless as many people want to paint it. As for the last part of your question, the answer is that it's not (at least, not in my experience). Most pro-choice people will list the options and, if solicited, will give their opinion of what the best option is in a particular circumstance. Many clinics and doctors (I cannot say all) make a concerted effort to be certain that a woman understands all her options and is certain of her decision before providing an abortion. Now, abortion is certainly talked about more often than adoption, but that is to be expected. Adoption isn't a controversy. While there may be a very small minority that attach a stigma to it, generally, people on both sides of the abortion debate agree that adoption is a wonderful choice for a woman who wants to. You don't see people picketing against adoption. People aren't blowing up adoption agencies or shooting adoption lawyers.I know of no one trying to create legislation to prevent women and girls from giving their baby up for adoption. Abortion is a hot button topic. Next to the "N" word, it is likely the most inflammatory word in this country. Adoption isn't, so it does not get talked about as much.
  • i hate ppl who have an abortion i think its wrong they should have child give it up for adoption or fostering
  • One problem is that the prospective parents are very choosy about what kind of child they want, and many of the people choosing abortion are not good candidates for adoptable children. Another issue is that it takes 9 miserable months to produce a child you don't even want in the first place and most women aren't interested in the suffering just so some stranger can adopt, and there's no guarantee they will be adopted.
  • 9 freaking months and a painful birth. Not to mention hospital bills lol.
  • If children were protected from abuse in adoption and foster care that would be great. I do salute great people who are doing a good job in this area nad couple who love kids they adopt and foster. The wj=hole mess is a racket and has gone overseas to China and the Baltic countries and become as bad as puppy farming. If women are using abortion as a form of birth control I am against it, but I agree a woman should not have the government choose how she conduct her sex life or take away her choice to have or not have a child. I have to say all considered that adoption is not the viable choice that it seems to be or should be.
  • It's not. Pro choice people always emphasize that there are a number of options and that all should be made available to pregnant women. However, nobody is threatening to outlaw adoption, so we don't have to spend every second fighting for it. Additionally if there were that many people who wanted to adopt, there wouldn't be so many children in foster care.
  • It really pisses me off that people are so quick to judge pro-choice. I am pregnant now with my second child and pregnancy is not that pretty shit you see on extra and TMZ with celebrities. It is extremely hard. It is very hard on your body so there is a chance you may not even be able to keep a job due to many issues that can occur during pregnancy for the health of the child and yourself. I want my children and it is emotionally difficult and I'm fighting off depression I could imagine what someone who doesn't want them is going through. I know some women who have given their child up for adoption and say that if they had to do it all over again they would have abored. Many women that have abortions are in terrible situations, with their living conditions, their health and their relationship with the child's father. Men can leave and never look back and sadly this day in age most of them often do. I personally know pro livers that are men that have deserted their children or women that have never had a child a day in their life to even say what someone else should do. Their are millions of children in foster homes that noone wants and thousands of them are babies. Many adopting parents are very picky and wants a custom child and have unrealistic expectations. The others are not even allowed to adopt a child at all because the expectations are soooo high, they don't even make it easy to adopt a child. Abortion is the main alternative because who wants to go through almost a year pregnant with a child and clinically depressed and suicidal because of their situation to have a child that the probably won't be adoped and even if it is spend the rest your life searching childrens faces for children that match yours?
  • First of all, as someone who is pro-choice, the whole reason I am pro-choice is that I believe what a woman does shouldn't be decided by someone else. So if she wants to abort, I will support her decision just as mcuh as if she were wanting to give it up for adoption. That aside, reasons someone might rather abort: 1. They don't want to go through 9 months of bloating, nausea, pain, etc. for something they never wanted, 2. They may have complications during pregnancy, 3. They might know that they will get Postpartum depression/psychosis after giving birth, and will not want to go through that 4. Many find the idea of giving up a baby they just gave birth to very heartbreaking, 5. As someone said, if there are that many people wanting to adopt, why are there still so many unadopted kids? 6. Children are often mistreated before or after they are adopted, and many can go through several homes full of abuse before finding a good place and may have problems for the rest of their lives as a result, 7. The fetus may show signs of a disorder or deformity, sometimes one that endangers their lives, would require them to have a nurse of some sort for the rest of their lives, or would cause them to live in pain, 8. They may be afraid to pass on a mental disorder to the child, etc. Really, it's no one else's business but hers.

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