• Source: wikipedia In 1968 Bosch was arrested in Florida for an attack on a Polish freighter with a 57 mm recoilless rifle and was as a result sent to prison for a ten year term. In 1987, almost a decade after the Flight 455 incident, Bosch was freed from Venezuelan charges and went to the United States, assisted by US Ambassador to Venezuela Otto Reich; there, he was ultimately arrested for a parole violation. Bosch was detained in the United States for six months until all charges were dropped and he was able to live in the United States freely. Many assume he was pardoned by President Bush. Bosch was merely released after Cuban-Americans pressured Jeb Bush to have his father intervene on Bosch's behalf.
  • What? 20+ years in prison isn't enough for you? Truly you are a loving Liberal!
  • I'm not sure why anyone should care so my guess is that THAT's why there was no outcry.

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