• I think he did—at least, as much as any President can.
  • I guess (hate to admit) that's the only thing he did right.
  • We were safe from socialism & liberal tyranny.
  • We can't really know until Obama declassifies the memos.
  • I suppose the proof is in the fact that we were not attacked again after 9/11. Whatever he did or didn't do matters less than the fact that whatever it was he did seemed to work. I fear for our country now.
  • from terrorist attacks? very much so
  • To be fair, George W. Bush did some good work relative to Roosevelt's list of "Four Freedoms," in particular his dedication of a considerable funds to help fight AIDS in African nations. And yet, in his domestic and foreign policies--most of them designed and pushed by Dick Cheney, George Walker Bush shrouded American life in a politics of fear. He did not make us more safe. Using the media and the military, George W. Bush made us more afraid, more anxious, and more concerned for our future. Even worse: he sought to profit politically from the fear he created. If there is ever ranking of Presidents who made us feel the most safe, I will bet you a gas mask and a roll of duct tape that George W. Bush ends up in last place. So the next time Dick Cheney repeats his big, fat, stinking lie that George W. Bush "kept us safe," I hope journalists have the wherewithal and the basic decency to laugh out loud. The rest of us are already laughing.
  • No way! With anti-American Islamist governments rising in the Mideast, Bin Laden sneering at us, Qaeda lieutenants escaping from prison, Iran brazenly enriching uranium, and America as hated and mistrusted as it ever has been? The answer, in a word, 'incompetence' . Bush administration knew all along how flimsy its WMD case against Iraq was. We also now know, that the administration knew then how solid the intel on bin Laden's and Zawahiri's whereabouts was. So catastrophic was Bush's decision to shift his attention and resources to Iraq, Bush administration was so out of control has the war on terror become, —that even leading Republican politicians sought to cancel the Dubai contract (Bush, to his credit, did manage a presidential response, vowing to veto).

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