• Adventures: fly in hot air balloons, mountain climbing, visit caverns, fly to New York City, take a cruise, whatever I can come up with and can afford. I'm hoping to go to Italy soon.
  • I've done both. My last vacation was about a month ago to Biloxi, Mississippi and Disney World. So rest and relaxation in Biloxi and anxiety and long lines, but FUN in Disney. I prefer adventure and exploration. Last 5 vacations: 1. Biloxi/Mississippi 2. Cruise (Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Cozumel) 3. Reno, Nevada 4. Yellowstone 5. Disney World/Mississippi (back in 2005 I did the same trip)
  • I enjoy a combination of sight seeing and lazing in the sun at the beach. I love exploring historical towns or villages and dining at quaint inns.
  • My back yard...boohoo
  • Both, I love to lay in the sun but I also like extreme sports and adventure.
  • we like a bit of both
  • "Bird watching" which eventually leads to some "adventure" ... winks :)
  • usually laze on the beach
  • Usually is the lazing in the sun because go to the beach each summer.
  • love lazing on the beach and frolicking in the ocean..but i plan to try some adventure soon!!
  • I prefer holidays in foreign countries.I get extremely bored remaining in my own country for long periods of time.I love new and unique cultures and like to travel by the seat of my pants,with no itinerary at all.I like to just go where I please and get up and go to the next city or town.Also I find vacations,at least for me,need to be a minimum of a month.Two weeks would never be enough time to see anything,nor experience the holiday.
  • IM GOING TO CROATIA THIS SUMMER!!!!! to; visit family, tan, and so that i can say that ive been jogging in Europe!! :D

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