• I think that she would have been better prepared with a comprehensive sex education. This abstinence-only education stuff is whacked. That said, I think that she is trying to shift the blame. Maybe she should have just googled it and found some information. I think she is closer to moron than hypocrite.
  • She knew what she was doing when she was doing it. I think that kids know the consequences, but like the belief they'll never die, they don't think impregnation will happen to them. Another hypocritical thing of her is to make the talk show rounds saying how being a mother is a full-time job... a job she should be doing rather than talking on TV.
  • Talking about a little too late, don't you think?
  • mostly just the indestructable "can't happen to me" teen attitude. once she gets older and gains some wisdom she can still preach the "don't do what I did" story and have some credibility. But now, so soon, it does seem opportunistic.
  • she may have known that having sex could lead to pregnancy but i think she is talking about the responsibility of caring for a child, however, even this would not stop kids from having sex...+5.
  • I think she's desperately broke! Poor thing didn't have enough money to buy a condom.
  • well she is a hypocrite first class!...if she is looking at consequences then she should look at her mothers political party and their right wings backward attitude to the lack of sex education in schools ... and the knuckle dragging idea that abstinence is the way to go ...for F*ck sake even the hypoctites called priests who preach this can't even do it is the key to this not bullshit pipe dreams!
  • Is sex ed not taught to Alaskan teenagers? I had that class when I was younger than she was when she got pregnant. She is both a moron and a hypocrite.
  • i think she got two very pissed off parents she's trying to keep happy lol.
  • I don't think she's a complete moron or hypocrite. Some parents keep their children completely ignorant about sex because they're afraid that talking about sex with their kids will pique their curiosity and they'll become promiscuous. Usually, the opposite occurs: children sense that their parents are witholding information and decide to explore on their own. Unfortunately, they don't consider safety because they suffer from the invincibility complex, believing that pregnancy and STD's won't happen to them. I think teaching kids about both contraception and the prevalence of STI's in this country will help them learn to be more careful. If you fear for young people, the answer is to give them more education, not less.
  • If she didn't know, at her age, where babies come from then either she, her parents, or both were morons.
  • Personally I think she's not that bright. But I think I understand what she's trying, ineptly, to say. However, I agree that If they knew; AND if they had no access to birth control; THEN some would refrain from vaginal intercourse: BUT if they did have access to birth control they could happily screw themselves blue - and I'm sure they would. Got all that :-) +5
  • A capitalist profiting on her fame and a new moron being born every minute. I'm not sure she's smart enough to be a hypocrite. . And on the subject of Alaska, Republicans, and morons:
  • Sounds like another kid who answers question without thinking about the shit coming out of her mouth.
  • "Is she a moron or just a hypocrite?" Why can't it be both?
  • Wonder if she realises it's her mother that prevented her from learning it in school? BWAHAHAHA!!!
  • Sounds like she's sorry she had a kid.

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