• I think they destroy all movies by adding the love scenes and the woman is always tougher and smarter than the males in today movies which is crock. I hate it when they are runnng for their lives and almost getting killed and they stop and take time for a love scene. come on that is bull and does not belong in a real action movie.
  • neither as long as it fit's in the story line that has continuity to it, the biggest problem with either is whether or not it fits into the characterizations and story lines that they are portrying good acting is boltsered first by good writing and then by good directing if these three elements don't exist you have crap for a film and there are some charachters out there that our just foul in the first place and a good actor or actress can bring that to life, writers write it, directors see that vision and actors bring it to life via these vehicles irrelevent of language or nudity.. ~Nemo~
  • Both are equally as bad and both are reasons why I no longer watch movies. All movies are the same. A little action and the woman a strong tuff gal and the man a woose and sex all the same old same old. nothing new.
  • depends on how the swearing is used and the quality of the nudity. Usually the swearing, as it very rarely adds anything, then again, neither does the nudity.
  • I can't remember do you have any sample links?
  • Within a proper context, neither of those offends me.
  • i think they mess up the movie with unussuall scences like action plans exaqration
  • Are you kidding those are the only two reasons to watch a movie.
  • The term "too much nudity" makes no sense. One can have too much clothes but not too much nudity. Neither offend me though.
  • Bad Language! And mainly the Mother F'ers and F'ck are the 2 I hate the most. Watch Eddie Murphy's Delirious and you'll hear both of those words in every sentence. LMAO!! Nudity don't bother me. +5
  • Language annoys me to no end
  • I don't find either offensive - but overuse of either simply for their own sake is annoying and boring!
  • The language really bothers me .... A person with a half way decent vocabulary does not need to continually speak such language ... Here and there is one thing ... BUT constant bad language demeans the film and the people playing the role .
  • to much violence,where now one gets hurt,,,,,like the a team,,,,
  • I agree, neither of those offends me. my list of offensive content is more along the lines of 1. minorities whining about how hard it is for them. (when you have a house, a pimped out car and tons of bling, don't whine to me about what "THE MAN" owes you) 2. devil worship/demons/soul selling (sorry i won't watch this) 3. gratuitous MALE nudity (not my bag, man) 4. homosexuality being shoved down the viewers throat (added to a movie just because they want to with no purpose in the story)i believe they have a right to exist as much as any one, i just don't care to watch it.)[especially the "gay jokes" if the only way you can get a laugh in your comedy is gay humor "see scary movie 2 and later" you need to try harder] 5. politically correct party line propaganda (like "teen sex is bad, abstinence is the ONLY way, see how bad it is if you have sex/ that sort of movie or tv show "like every sitcom that has ever dared to touch teen sex and makes out like if you don't abstain your life is ruined, just annoys me ) 6. comedic/ parody remakes of classic action/adventure or drama shows (charlie's angel's/ starsky and hutch/ dukes of hazzard/ etc, etc,etc. if you want to do a remake, be true to the plot and don't make a joke of it.(like Simon Pegg as scotty in star trek)
  • I hate sex scenes that are added into a movie for no reason. The film makers just throw it in even though it doesn't advance the plot in any way.
  • Neither.
  • Censorship laws are different in America to Europe, even in some European countries they can be different. So I guess it's just what you are used to. Is nudity on tv or in the movies bad whereas in an art gallery it is ok? Is going to a theatre to watch a play with lots of swearing in ok but not on tv or in the movies, you don't hear too many people complaining about what is on show in art galleries (lots of nude paintings, nude sculptures) or theatre productions.
  • I don't mind some profanity, but I get tired of hearing too much of it.
  • The nudity.
  • Neither even remotely offends me. I only find certain real (and not fictitious) ACTIONS offensive. For instance, violence against the helpless (children, animals, etc).
  • Neither offend me, but if every other word is cursing, that's a bit much for me and lessens my enjoyment of the movie.
  • Neither language or nudity offend me at all. I think our society has a warped sense of what is obscene. We censor nudity in movies and on television, but people shooting each other is fine. Are nudity and foul language worse than killing? I don't think so. Yet nudity and language are often censored or frowned upon far more than violence is.
  • neither offends me. but if i HAD to pick it'd be too much nudity. but only if i was watching it with a child in the room.

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