• I would transfer the interest to another bank, every day, until they realized their mistake.
  • I would... probably call the police department. Just to make sure it's all on record that I have nothing to do with it.
  • Call the bank and get it straightened out. They will figure out the mistake eventually, and if you've spent any of that money you have to pay it back. Spending the money is theft, technically, and you can get in trouble for it even though it was their mistake.
  • Once I had deposited a check from my account in the bank in another city for collection in my local bank. It got collected and I withdrew the money. When I received the account statement from the other bank I found the check had not been debited to that account. When I informed my local bank of the fact they said they had received payment. I am clueless to what happened. After 6 years, I am still waiting for the check to be debited. In this case the amount was not in millions, but still quite a considerable sum. If this sort of thing were to happen in the case of a million dollar check too, I think I will follow the same method. Inform and then wait utilizing the money in the meanwhile.
  • I would take most of it and open an account in sweden.
  • Take it a run..No, i would report it because they would find out their mistake sooner or later.
  • Move it offshore, and ransom its return
  • immediatley withdrawl the money and close my account.
  • Barbados here I come.
  • I would call the bank immediately and also call the police, just to be safe. If you do anything that even remotely looks like you are trying to be deceptive or take any of the money, you could be nailed with a felony.
  • I would bring the error to their attention. Its the right thing to do. Even if I did try to run with it, they would catch up.
  • I'd wait for 30 days after I received a statement. And if the bank didn't correct it then it is mine. And I think that is how it is written by law. Unless they changed it. A few years back someone did that with a Publisher Clearinghouse check that said "non-negotable" on it. I don't think they had to give it back the bank was on the hook. Let them go get another bail-out.
  • Clear my account and move to a foreign country
  • withdraw the money, close my account and bank elsewhere
  • Don't touch it if you do they will prosecute you
  • Check the laws. Call my lawyer. And try to see if there is a way I could keep the money.
  • I would report it to my credit union. Although I'd love to legitimately earn or win $ millions, I presently have more than enough money. Therefore, I would forgo the extra $$ because if I didn't, it could increase the chances of whoever made the mistake of losing their job.
  • Donate to charity. Buy shoes.
  • I'll withdraw it and pay my mortgage and have a ball with it. If they ask me why I'll tell them "If it's in MY account, it's mine. What will YOU do if you found a naked woman in YOUR bed?!"
  • In 1995 while I was still in college and working my internship, the university deposited $65,572 into my checking account. I was startled when I read the pay stub and verified it with my bank. If the millions of dollars scenario were to happen, I am certain I would do the same thing: Be startled, make phone calls and get it straightened out. It's not my money if I didn't earn it and I would not be able to sleep at night. I don't think millions of dollars would be worth the physical and emotional torment it could bring, wondering if I'm being followed, being "on the lamb," possibly having to change my identity due to concise checks and balances. No, definitely not worth it. Interesting question though!
  • I would notify them of their error...a million doallrs would be lovely but being charged with a crime due to their error would not be.
  • We returned it back but it was not in millions but few hundred thousands!The bank reversed the entries!
  • Immediately put it into an offshore account, get a plane ticket and get the heck out of the country
  • Tell them real quick so they can fix it.
  • Get a new account and play it cool.
  • I would ask the bank for a letter that said the money was mine. i would use the letter in court for my reason for spending it.

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