• Neither I just think they are weak minded people. I feel sorry for them when they try to quit and it's hard.
  • I really sympathise. They have fallen into a dreadful trap of 'trying it once' and then become addicted. BUT the sad part of this is they then need the money to feed their addiction, and society at large become involved when they have to steal etc to get the money to feed their habit. I still sympathise.
  • I sympathise with them but I despise the crime aspect of it when they are too poor to fund their habits.
  • I sympathize, simply because I used to be one of them. I was almost hopelessly addicited to alcohol as a teenager, until I found the strength to permanently give it up (along with Christianity) in 1970. I've been free of both (Praise Gawd!) ever since.
  • Neither. They made their choice and continue to do so. Why would I sympathize? Until their addiction affects me, why would I despise? Their actions that destroy their life are not my business. Their actions that harm my life or that of those I love, does. Simple addiction is meaningless in a way to judge someone.
  • I don't despise anyone. I view them just like I view cigarette smokers, alcoholics or extremely obese people. They are out of control and are doing things to harm themselves. I don't blame anyone but the person him/herself. I don't make excuses for them or feel like coddling them or believe society has caused it or anything. I am totally responsible for the choices I make and so are they responsible for their choices! Happy Thursday! :)
  • i sympathise w them. its sad to see someone destroy themselves
  • It is a certain kind of personality that get's addicted to drugs. It is somewhat environmental and somewhat conditioning that causes that lifestyle. I was raised around it, it was unfortunately inevitable for me and my personality type and family backround. The trick to escape... is to take stock and realize that there are other ways to treat this personality type. There are lots of ways for an addictive personality to side step the beast so to speak and get just as addicted to healthy things. I run now... I read, I spend time with my kids. There are loads of healthy alternatives to that kind of thing. But...that being said, so few people ever recieve the light of an alternative way of thinking because treatment these days deals with the symptoms and not the underlying casues. Cognative therapy is not always available to everyone nor is it affordable to all. So that being said. I feel badly for those who have no other resources. But for the more privlidged with acces to chemical rehabilition and therapy that make a choice not to heal themselves... They can suck it!
  • I believe anyone can pull themselves up. I have seen dozens of my 60's friends do it w/o AA or religion. I have also seen them as shadows of their former selves. I stopped myself from becoming them at 19. I feel abd for them but not pity.
  • Addicitions are always started by choice. Stop them by choice is also in a person's control. But addicitions does not make them any less than someone that does not have drug addicitions.
  • I, myself am an addict. to more than one thing I only despise the ones that have done harm to me and mine. I sympathize w/the ones I love.
  • It depends on my mood. I sympathise with some and despise others. I usually despise the ones that have recovered prior to.
  • I sympathise to a certain point and i have the utter most respect for those who give them up but then when you hear stories about them robbing old ladies i despise them.
  • I can empathize, unless they do harmful things to me or my friend, then I despise them. I myself am considered a drug 'addict', so it's easy for me to understand what one is going through, but you just don't mess with me or my friends for your fix.

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