• I've never heard ANY explicit, logical argument against same-sex marriage...religious or not. I always boils down to people not liking homosexuals and believing they shouldn't have equal (or any) rights at all.
  • No, sorry. Never heard an argument that even sounds like it was proposed by someone who understood what logic was.
  • Nope - of course there have been what some folks call "arguments," which are really bigotry not very well disguised. Examples: 1. The "sliding slope": I will go and marry my dog now "argument" 2. The "set in stone": Marriage has been the same for hundreds of years; why change it now? Of course, brides are still treated as property and cannot petition for divorce like in the old days, right? 3. The "contravene churches:" Marriage equality will "force" churches to perform same-sex ceremonies! Of course, the ceremony is an OPTIONAL part of marriage, and no legislation has ever attempted to change this or regulate what churches would be required or not required to do. In fact, in several states, equal marriage rights legislation specifically EXEMPTS churches and the ceremonies they perform. I could go on, but you get the picture. Red herring after red herring after red herring.
  • no!!, you will NEVER get a logical religious argument of zealot

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