• Considered attractive, many years ago, I found that tips were free flowing as long as I appeared happy and friendly. Miserable attractive does not ellicit good tips. People come to a pub for a multitude of reasons and a friendly face seems preferable to an attractive one that doesn't smile!
  • I honestly think that any bartender who puts forth a good attitude recieves more tips. I've seen waitresses who might not be considered extremely attractive, but get plenty of tips because they stay positive and create a good enviroment for the people they are serving. It's more about charisma than anything. Though I have to admit that it is all to typical for the girl with the best figure to get a little extra spending money from the her male customers.
  • I know I will always leave a larger tip for a hot woman. It is true that an ugly woman with a good attitude will still be reasonably compensated, but if she's hot and is happy....she can have my wallet. That's why i don't go to strip clubs any more!
  • Yes - unless the "I prefer ugly manly bartender convention" is in town.
  • It depends on the customer. In some places I have found that the friendlier the bartender, the more the customer tips.
  • I knew a woman years ago and she told me (and I apologize for the language): "The bigger the tits, the bigger the tips". This was years ago.

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