• No, they will always be with you and you can't do anything about it.
  • You can kill some of them, but without a lobotomy, probably not all of them. Chronic drug use, particularly cocaine, can cause anhedonia, or the inability to feel pleasure.
  • You can stifle them, but they will come out somewhere else, in a physical or mental disorder somehow. It's much healthier (and alot easier) to face them, and work WITH them to keep them under control. You are your emotions, not the other way around.
  • perhaps 2 vics and a bottle of wine. that would do it.
  • No, because essentially, we are what we feel. Without emotions one would be nothing more than a mere robot.
  • Yes actually, there is a part of the brain called the Limbic System which is the center for emotions, and if severed, would cause you to be completely emotionless. Not recommended however, seeing as how it would kill you. Even if you did survive the surgery, which is highly unlikely, one of the functions that would be missing is the filter that controls pain. Your body knocks you out into unconciousness when you are in too much pain, and without that function some pain would be so unbearable that your brain would implode. Sorry for the graphic description....
  • Watch a lot of Star Trek and study Spock. He will be your master and you will be the student. Mind melding will be difficult, but you will learn ugly klingon, you will learn.
  • People in stressful situations often repress their emotions in order to survive, but it takes a toll on their physical and emotional health. eg in Cambodia under Pol Pot, women stopped having babies, stopped getting pregnant, such was the stress they were under. We have to learn to use our emotions for our betterment, but not be a slave to them.
  • Emotions can never be killed .they can only be supressed for a while which has an out brusting effect later on.
  • When they used to do labotomies they often resulted in the patient lossing the ability to have any emotion. Not a good thing.
  • I wouldnt say kill your emotions but you do get hardened when you go thru too many bad relationships.Desensitized is a better word
  • If you're under extreme stress (as in suicidal), certain prescription meds (sedatives, tranquilers among others) would help shut down your emotions. Not anti-depressants though. Those take two weeks to kick in and has an initial energizing effect. Suicidal people need to stay away from these as the energy they get often gives them the "courage" to commit suicide. But I would highly recommend anti-depressants to treat chronic depression.
  • I have totally felt what your saying yes I feel like I have and did thank you for helping me put it into word's - great question -
  • Control yes, but suppress completely, No it is not possible. You, your body and your mind are a whole. Everything in you and about you has effects and consequences on all the other aspects of you. You were made with emotions. They are wired into your brain. Suppress one kind of emotional expression and it will come out another way-- usually through the body. Very destructive. If you are in some kind of terrible emotional point right now, the solution is to find someone your trust and to share. If you think it is appropriate seek a counselor. Other people are the best and fastest-- and probably the only way to ease emotionally pain.
  • it is possible in a sense i'd say to kill your emotions. You just have to convince yourself that whatever is causing you to feel the way you do, is the chemicals the particular stimulus i.e. your significant other. Its hard to deal with rejection but once you realize that its just a chemical reaction your brain is having and its just an addiction, it makes it a lot easier to deal with, our brain is the biggest drug dealer in the world, you just have to be the boss. love yourself, no one else will...
  • For myself my emotions mainly turn by some outside intrusion. I great night is poceeding and you get a phone call with some life altering news and "boom" your emotions can switch in a minute.
  • Even I am trying to do the same. Seems impossible. I want to kill emotions because I can't take it anymore. I have cried my eyes out. (Remember song from "If Only"). I got an idea. I cut myself from the society. I only like to meet people who can be of help in improving my career at any point of time. I do not want anybody in life except money. I have not given up ethics and morals. I will make money in right way. But, now I love the words "I, my, me ,myself, money". Just concentrate on one thing like money or career in your life. You will kill emotions for everything except your target. It is a bad feeling but kill your emotions only when you are sure of it.
  • You wouldn't want to. "Our survival depends on the most basic emotions: anger, fear, happiness and surprise. In fact all macro-organisms usually have these. Without these, the will to survive wouldnt exist. Human beings would live in apathy to the world around them and any harm coming to them. In a way, emotions are necessary for our survival. And if one goes back a few thousand years, back when man was still hunting animals, what caused them to start agrarian settlements that soon became the earliest civilizations?? It was the drive to survive, the fear of wild animals which first started them down the road to discovery. Times have changed now. But the importance of emotions have not changed. Why do people have deep thoughts?? Because it gives them intellectual pleasure. If happiness and the sense of fulfillment didnt exist, one wouldnt be able to find the motivation to think such thoughts. The fear for our lives drives every aspect of our life. It makes us eat, obey the law, and the traffic rules. Surprise is deeply linked with involuntary actions of our body. If a car comes out of nowhere and heads straight for you, surprise would be the involuntary reaction you would have, which would make you unconsciously leap back, and may potentially save your life. So, to conclude, it is pretty clear, that most of our rational thoughts are in fact governed by emotion. If we had none, we would be nothing greater than organic computers, living beings with the capacity to think and innovate and live, but with no motivation to do it. We find our own reasons to think thoughts and perform actions. And behind it all are the basic emotions that I presented."

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