• Yes! I still have my pillow I used as a little boy. I've put a new cover on it, but it's the original. I even pack it when I travel. It's still the most confortable pillow I've ever found. My wife gives me grief about it, but she knows it's off limits.
  • yes....a wooden elephant i uesd to play with.... some of my result cards(school) ..... some... Birthday wishes cards....
  • I did...until my mom's Ahole ex thought he'd get back at her by throwing out MY stuff!!! Anyway...she was one of the first presents I actually remember getting from my mom. She was one of those "real life" dolls and her name was Sarah.
  • A teddy called marmalade
  • a set of HotWheels toy cars...+5.
  • I have a stuffed dog named Sissy that my grandmother gave me when I was two years old. I love it even though all the stuffing is now in its feet.

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