• why not!!!
  • You would not be here without them.
  • Because they have brought me up to believe in myself. They have never spoilt me, but always made sure I have everything I need. They have always been there when needed, and always let me make my own decisions, whether they thought they were right or wrong. I know that I can trust them, and that they will always support me in whatever I want to do. Plus they are really nice people.
  • They created me. I think *shocked thoughts* OMG am i adopted? waaaah! well they are paying for alot of my university when the time comes, they take me on vacations, make sure my birthdays are all good and they listen if i need to talk.
  • I love my Mother,she has been there for me always My Father died 18 months ago. I admired him greatly but did not know him well enough to say I loved him.
  • I love my mum because she has always been there and has loved me despite everything. She does a hell of a lot for me, and she is my mum basically. I love my dad because I can't seem to help it. I detest the man, but love the idea of a dad. He's the only one I have, and my substitute turned out to be worse anyway
  • Yes. They brought me into this world, fed me, got educated, showered with their love.
  • Well, they've raised me, and put up with my Sh*t for nearly 15 years now. And they helped shape who I am today. My dad is mostly responsible for my serious, intellectual, cynical side. And my mum helped shape the more flippant, childish, social, artisitic, reckless side of my personallity. I wouldn't be who I am today without their influence, and I love them for helping to make me into that person.
  • I don't really. Creation is easy. Havn't talked to them in 5+ years - don't plan on talking to them either.
  • They made me who I am. They care for me and they want me to succeed. There aren't many people care about you just like your parents, and it is a gift to have my parents be true role models for me.

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