• I didn't even know that was happening. But I am not a bit surprised. I think it is a bit overboard. But I think it should be......maybe......16 yrs old. Driving age and more responsibilites given to you. +5 Good question!!
  • im not sure but it realy bugs me. like the outher day i went to buy one of those 5-hour energery drink thingies and the person wouldent let me buy it because i wasint 18. how dumb! :P +3
  • I remember having to bake a bunch of stuff once and I had to buy a carton of eggs, leave the store, then walk back in and buy another carton because they store wouldn't sell more than a dozen eggs to a minor. Same rules for more than one case of toilet paper. Wal-Mart cards for rocket engines, too. I've never heard of carding for energy drinks, though; that's pretty insane.
  • I think it makes those younger pay an unfit shouldertap fare and sometimes get ripped off by bums!
  • It's absurd.

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