• Yes and Yes. I have been working on that recently.
  • I do, and it's happened to me enough times to me.
  • YES and YES!
  • I do not trust people easily. I learned this unfortunate lesson in early life. The people who were supposed to care for me and keep me safe, did neither. It's been a life long condition and I don't like it but, I find it nearly impossible to trust anyone whom I haven't known for a very, very long time.
  • I used to then I wised up. It's a sad commentary on human nature, but the world is full of liars. It all begins as children when we're not only lied to about religion and Santa Clause only to find out he does exist, but has been replaced by a non existent god who is far worse, a murderer even. Then we learn most of the history we were taught was lies, lies and more lies. No small wonder that I should place very little trust in the average person or that I insist they prove their trustworthiness before I place said trust. The liars never seem to end and it's not even the obvious liars everyone seems to know of, the beggars, the crack heads and so on, but it goes on up to the highest levels of government to the money lenders to institutes of higher learning and so on. The one entity we're told is supposed to be honest is anything but honest, churches and "people of faith". I don't always consider anyone of faith to be an automatic liars simply because they believe, but if a thief tells me to tell you a lie and I believe them to be honest you would likely call me a liar as well and that often is a well placed accusation. The same can be said of people of faith even though they believe their faith to be fact. Even so i find it hard to believe any reasonable, rational thinking person could really believe much of what is written in scriptures. That in itself leads me to think many are simply just as guilty as the preacher or minister spewing their lies or as guilty as the book(s) spewing the lies. Yes, I have also been hurt multiple times by liars and the breech of trust is based on basic lies. I still get hurt from time to time and often even though I don't trust them I still get hurt anyway. How many people got hurt buying the lies from Wall Street believing them to be honest brokers of money? HA! Is there such a thing as an honest money broker? An honest preacher or honest politician? Such sad commentary, but welcome to the real world.
  • I trust a very small number of people who would never hurt me or I them. Unless of course they needed a good smack.
  • I trust very easily. I do get hurt a lot, but I've learned to not be bothered by it much anymore, my friends are so much more important than me.
  • I trust everyone until they give me a reason not to. Even so, I'm prepared to give the benefit of the doubt. If the feeling of mistrust persisits, then it's kaput. Period. I have been hurt at times because of it. Not emotionally, but financially. Not very hard; but hurt, yes. But that's life. :-)
  • This is where I have problems. I do trust people easily. I have been hurt by trusting people in my past and got myself into trouble many times. I am a little more careful nowadays but I still have trust issues.
  • I used to give my trust easily, but got hurt many, many times. I've wisened up. You've got to earn my trust now.
  • yes I do because I have no exspection, and I truly try to understand people.Its a good question Graceful, is it ok to call you that because you look peace although, going by alot of you questions it souds like you are giving up, I hope Im wrong?
  • I trust people easily because I love people easily. Yes I do get hurt in one sense, but thank the Lord, He has taught me to realise that He is our saviour, not others, we are all fallen and make mistakes, and our duty is to love others not judge others. "Through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God." Acts 14 v 22
  • It's a huge gamble to trust someone and leave yourself open for disappointment. I'm always guarded, that's the way I've always been it's hard to change certain things.

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