• Maybe one of them slept around!? :)
  • Some of them tend to look as their parental and others to their maternal ancestors. I bet that when a kid doesn't look like anyone in the family.....he probably looks like his or hers uncle or aunt...but they died when they were little kids and no one alive remembers how they looked like....
  • genetics. my sister is white and her boyfriend is black, they have two kids, one white with blue eyes blonde hair, one black with brown eyes an black hair
  • Some might take after the father's side of the family while others take after the mother's side of the family. If the mother looks very different from the father, this also increases the possibility that the children will look different from each other. Some children are throwbacks and look like their grand-parents or great-grandparents and so on. My wife looks like neither her father or her mother but is the spitting image of her grandmother.
  • The mystery of genetics. My older niece looks exactly like my brother in-law. People joke that they know who the father is but they're not sure about the mother. My younger niece looks just like my sister and our side of the family.
  • Does the postman smile and whistle a lot ?? :)
  • Very minute changes in the complex DNA structures do it.
  • Weird, huh?! But I've noticed that, too!
  • do you still get milk delivered?
  • It happens when they're biracial.
  • Probably just genetics. I'm paler than most of my siblings.
  • In my family it happen. Both our parents were African americans but two of my siblings were very dark skin and the other three very ligth. Two of us have same features and the other two look nothing like either parent, however, it was said my sister looks like great grandmother. Sometimes it is not directly from the parent but another relative.
  • Sometimes looks, hair color and complexions miss a generation and fall back on other relatives of the past. A genetics professor from Vanderbilt is my neighbor and gives me this information. This can also include facial characteristics.
  • Ask the genes. They play all sorts of games :) Yes, it possible. Its the case where sometimes the lesser probability combination of genes come true.
  • Genetics. Truly, with the vast gene pool, stop to think about what the results would be if one of your uncles from your mom's side of the family produced a child with an aunt from your dad's side. It goes on and on.
  • We are all made in the image of God. Therefore it is God who formed and shaped us in accordance to His will and purpose. Yes, some of us may look so different from our siblings even though we come from the same parents. Why? We may not know for sure. This is unimportant. What is important is we are family!
  • One of the most easily observable examples of that is when the parents are noticeably different in appearance, and one child looks mostly like one of the parents, and the other child looks mostly like the other parent. I guess the gene pools can have varying amounts of influence on a child's appearance.
  • Not in my family, all my brothers & sisters look nearly the same! And there's 8 of us...scary 0~o

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