• Bypassing the A/C shouldn't present any problems, but I've never heard of a need to do that. However, to do so: You will need a new belt. When you check the box for A/C on the vehicle order sheet, you get a compressor AND (usually) a different sized belt (longer). If you remove this system, (or bypass it in your case) then the belt does not need to cover as much area, and therefore needs to be shorter. Look on AllData or call a chrysler dealer saying you need a belt for a 96 cirrus WITHOUT A/C and you should get the right belt. There should be a diagram on your rad shroud (between the headlights around the hood latch) that shows the pulley setup. Check that the A/C is simply a dotted line, and it should work fine. Of course, ensure that you know how to do this correctly, and make sure that it fits perfectly with bypassing the A/C before you even attempt to start it up. Good luck, Hope this helps.

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