• Their names are very similar - what's the chances of that?
  • 1. They both had the same name 2. They both liked to give the finger 3. They both had friends and foes in the Middle East 4. Neither one gave a rat's ass about their country 5. Daddy served in the military, Sonny was too chicken shit to 6. Daddy could speak English, Sonny couldn't 7. Daddy threw up during a luncheon with Japanese diplomats, Sonny screwed the entire country in the ass . . . .
  • Father taught Son some tricks of the trade.
  • They are both rich pricks with zero conscience for anything but personal gain.
  • Both mad, greedy war criminals.
  • Lots of similarities... Both are greedy tools of the republican fat-cats. Both think that war is good for the economy. Both failed at coming up with other things that could be better for the economy. Both don't really give a rat's ass for anyone other than themselves and their rich friends. One big difference... George senior is a smart cookie who knows how to turn a phrase. George junior is dumber than toast and has trouble speaking English (let alone understanding it, when it's spoken to him). Hope this helps.
  • Both were president both SERVED IN THE MILITARY the younger Bush was a lady's man and alcoholic
  • Both are good decent people. Bush senior made a mistake raising taxes.

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