• Okay so if the monitor says no signal then apparentily it is working. When it happens to me it is because the cable is lose in the back connected to the computer, the graphics card might have come loose or do you by chance have 2 graphic cards in your computer, for example did you put in a new one?
  • Take the monitor to a computer wizard. Two possibilities here: A virus has taken over or your computer and monitor are not in sync with each other. Let an expert have a look at it.
  • has your cpu got another place to attach the monitor to... disconnect the monitor cable from the cpu, look at the connector andsee if you have another one on the cpu - plug it into there
  • Make sure the monitor cable is plugged in to the computer. If your video card has two sockets for the monitor (kind of like this image, the two white plugs in the lower-left of the image, which corresponds to the part that would be sticking out the back of the computer), try swapping the plug to the other socket in case now you've got it plugged into one which isn't active.
  • The CPU doesn't directly affect your monitor display, plus your system won't POST if you have a CPU failure. Monitors don't usually turn themselves on automatically when you power on your computer, instead they normally have their own power switches. Before you power your monitor on however, check that is has a cable connecting it to the video output of your computer. The cable needs to be firmly connected and often has connecting screws that can be tightened by hand. The video output often looks like this: or this: If you have a desktop system, then sometimes the video card itself can be loose. Open the case and ensure it is firmly in its socket and screwed in tightly.
  • 1) Your monitor died or is not plugged in correctly 2) your video card died or is not plugged in correctly
  • Graphics card conflict, try replacing it. If you are using ATI GPU, burn it!

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