• It would not be feasible to attempt to disprove his claim. The bracelets are supposed to allow people to become immortal if warn correctly and harmful if worn incorrectly. How can immortality be proven in the space of a few years? Just as an interesting fact, however, Alex Chiu disbanded the bracelet project claiming that the concept caused more harm than good.
  • Alex Chiu's didn't disbande his bracelets , but only the electromagnetic device (never sold online). His rings and Foobraces work great, and never disproven to work. He's selling them online since 11 years ago.
  • I have some information to support the foot braces. First, I showed them to somebody who wanted to try them so I gave him the magnets from my pair. The reason he only need the magnets and the plastic brace is because of the discomfort. So he inserted the magnets into a koozie material. I ordered a second pair of foot braces, and tried to create a koozie brace, but I cracked one of the mistake :-) Then I put the magnets back into the original plastic foot braces. Only one of the magnets was cracked in half. I wore the foot braces for about a year and noticed an irregularity in my heart beat while I was sleeping. When I realized that it may have been the magnets I ordered a 3rd pair. There is no irregular heart beat or Palpatation, and my circulation is normal again. I have full blood circulation with no numbness, as a result of using magnets that do work and are not cracked. I'm athletic and excersise most days of the week. I eat a balanced diet for the most part so I'm in good health. This is the most conclusive evidence supporting the magnets "not working" and actually causing "harm" IF WORN INCORRECTLY.

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