• There are four 12-minute quarters, a possible 5-minute overtime, and a 15-minute half-time. That adds up to be an hour and three minutes without any overtime. With overtime, there could be a lot more time. Also, count in time for injuries or timeouts.
  • in the NBA it is 4 quarters with 12 minutes each quarter of a total of 48 minutes.. In college it is 2 halves of 20 minutes each
  • i would say about an hour and a half. the basketball games i go to have 12 minutes in each quarter, but that does not mean it will be exactly twelve minutes because the clock stops everytime there is a fowl or there is a time out, which i quiet a bit. haha. so including half time and the stopping of the clock i would definitly say it lasts at least and hour and a hal. HOPE THID HELPS :)

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