• I had my first at 36.
  • Well, since the brain is not fully developed until 25 I'd recommend everyone wait at least until then, unless there are extenuating circumstances. This also gives one the opportunity to grow patience, (something you need plenty of for raising children) and prepare emotionally, spiritually and financially for the arrival of children. But some women have found after putting it off past 30 they are not able to conceive. Granted this is not the norm, but it is a possibility and after 40 health risks to mother and child increase. However, there are many many children already in this world who could be spared a life of poverty through adoption. But the real blessing is for the parents who can't conceive. Men, on the other hand, can just replace the woman and go for serial families, provided they can at least make viable sperm. Fortunately, even for infertile people there are also technological medical alternatives that can be explored.
  • In ancient times life expectancy was often less than 30 years therefore women started having children shortly after they reached puberty. Our lives today have changed greatly and have much longer life spans. Our lifestyles play a big part as well. Up until the 20th century most women married by 12 or 13 having children by 13 or 14. They had little expectation in life but to care for their home and have babies as there was no birth control then. Our affluence has changed all this. So having children greatly depends on the affluence we happen to live in today.
  • Probably mid to late 20s.
  • thats up to the parents
  • Perhaps mid 20s if they're mature enough to handle the responsibilities.
  • To my mind, the best age is 26-28
  • Whenever both parents have reached a level of mental and financial security.

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