• I have no idea, and its a good question. My first reaction is to say that they were trying to conceal something and hide certain information about what happened on that day. I must say that regarding 9/11 certian things do not add up. You only need to investigate a little to find this kind of stuff out. Sure, a lot of it is conspiracy, but its pretty odd that Bush didn't attempt to establish a commission. There's a lot of cover ups these days.
  • I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but, there was a commission that was created by Congressional legislation. That bill was signed by Bush. It even issued a final report. It's been in a few papers.
  • Well, let's see. First we try and ask Daddy Bush why because W has never had a thought in his life. Ask daddy. Daddy probably studied Nixon's tactics of how to hide.
  • he did sign one...but i would not of cared if he hadn't...he did not have time to be "fighting with congress" on their bigoted issues...he was the COMMANDER IN CHEIF and had a VERY VITAL JOB in acting to KEEP US SAFE AND FREE....and HE did do what it took to KEEP IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN ..and i gladly gave up my right to keep us was abused ,sure, but what RIGHT is not used and abused by men??? congress, the government makes me sick...very petty and one sided...THEMSELVES....:)JUSTME
  • If you are reading this in TIME, be aware that they have degenerated to sensationalist entertainment rag that ha only possibly slightly more journalistic integrity than that which is published in the Globe, the Star and the National Enquirer. You might want to fact check it against some other publications before you accept it as gospel. Even if it is true, you need to ask whether the thing he was allegedly blocking was a genuine attempt to find the truth, or political maneuvering. As is becoming painfully obvious, the Democratic attempt to paint him as a war criminal has ended up blackening them with their own brush.
  • BAHAHAHAHAHA Haven't you herd he was the one that flew the planes into the buildings? Apparently you never herd of the 9/11 commission. How does AB attract so many brain numb wackos?

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