• Nothing comes to mind. I fail to see how granting equal civil rights to a gay couple removes some of my rights.
  • Well, I am gay, but if I were to put myself in the shoes of a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim, I suppose that protections against employment, housing, and public accommodations discrimination, and marriage equality would, in some cases, place limits on my right to freedom of association. . Straight people have the right in most states to fire us from our jobs or refuse to rent us an apartment if they find out we're gay. Prohibiting that discrimination would, technically, remove from them a right they currently have. . Luckily, that's a "right" that most straight people don't want and wouldn't use anyway. . But as for those who do like the status quo, if we didn't need to make changes in their behavior we wouldn't need gay rights laws. . Interesting question. Thanks! +5
  • Absolutely none. I don't consider preventing the marriages of same-sex adults who love and are committed to each other a right.
  • The right to be discriminatory, bigoted and to support "separate but equal" rights for a portion of the population, basically.
  • The only "right" given up is the "right" for bigots to impose their discrimatory laws upon LGBT people.

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