• Romantic dinners are cool on a special occasion...but I would so rather have a laid back time (that and I wouldnt have to worry about getting all dressed up!)
  • I would rather have him enjoy my company. I also want to be able to enjoy his. Luckily, I have a boyfriend whose company I can enjoy even when we sit around doing nothing.
  • laid back and fun then id cook for him
  • I'm not really the romantic type. I'd prefer a packet of crisps and sitting on my front steps.
  • Fun....romantic is to cheesy for me. We have our moments, but we cant..."plan" one of those moments. I dont wanna get all dressed up, and neither does he. Plus if you go somewhere and eat, you spend all this money on food...and most of the time its not enough, or something "weird" BUT...I do like to go bowling with him, or the the drag stip...we go golfing...or to museums. We go on road trips once in awhile...just to go. Or we take runs togather...or maybe well go down to the river or catch a movie. Then we go home...cook up some super, relax and watch a sitcom...and then get romantic...Haha, I guess...
  • Laid back fun day go for a hike or walk.... kick back... I'll cook... have a few beers... enjoy a rented movie.... Make sweet love...
  • laid back and fun romanticism to me is camping and sexing
  • Both! He can take my out an show me his fun side then i'd take him out and show him my FUN side.
  • Laid back and fun! we can do the dinner thing once in a blue moon after we've known each other a bit.

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