• I puked on the teacher in the library in front of the whole class in the 5th grade.
  • It was on the bus ride home. but this kid was sitting behind me and he throw up all over me. The bus drive stoped at her house graped the graden hose and sprayed the bus out then came over to me and sprayed me off. I had to sit in the front sit the rest of the ride because no one whated me to sit by them. I was teased forever because of that and I did not even do anything.
  • I once told my entire football study hall (I was the manager and only girl in the class) that I KNEW RPMs meant that if you were going 60 and your RPM's were at 3, that you were going 63.
  • Once, in physical science class, I suddenly sneezed so hard that I blew snot between my fingers, and on the back of a girl in front of me. That's not so bad, but the sneeze also caused me to poo myself. Yeah, I was in my 11th year, too. Oh, I forgot to mention that the girl was one that I had a HUGE crush on at the time. For over a month, my new name was "Snoopy", a clever combo of the two bodily functions.
  • I got a perm done on my hair in 8th grade over the winter break. My chlorine damaged hair all broke off to about 1 inch. Being skinny and blonde I was named "Billy Idol" for the rest of the year. Not very good for an awkward 13 year old girl to go through!
  • Everything that happened to me in school was embarrassing! The most embarrassing thing was in Kindergarten when a girl grabbed my dress and ripped right down the front from neck to hem. But, that wasn't the worst part. The teacher stitched it up with red thread; and then, I looked like Dr. Frankenstein sewed me up. I wanted to die!
  • In highschool, a friend of mine pulled my pants down right in front of the teacher.
  • Accidentally calling my teacher Mum in front of the entire class. It was mortifying.
  • in second grade i called my teacher mom
  • I once burst out in tears in Spanish class in 7th grade for no real reason. Everyone was staring at me. Of course the absolute MOST embarrassing thing that has happened to me at school is deathly embarrassing so I shall refrain from going there. Oh, the flashbacks!
  • None of your damned business.
  • It was in grade 8. We were in science disecting a cows eyeball, and it was very messy. I was going to throw something out and behind me i heard a gagging sound. The whole class went, "uh oh"...and i turned around and found that a boy in my class who hardly spoke, had barfed all over my back and in my hair. I was shocked, but didn't get mad at all. I just said don't worry its okay, and just went to the washroom to clean it off and then went home. I didn't want to scare him or make him stand out!
  • Being beaten in the boy's bathroom by my mother (a teacher) for not having my home work in another teacher's class.
  • Projectile vomit all over the table in maths class, the semi-liquid mass slowly crawled across the table into other people's workbooks. I was in Year 8 at the time. It was multi-coloured as well.
  • IN 6th grade- I got a migrane and the teacher wouldnt let me go, so I had to stay class. I fell asleep at my desk and ... farted.
  • I passed out one day after giving blood at school. Everybody knew about it before I left the area.
  • well my brother pulled my pants down in front of 2 hot girls, and I wasnt wearing any underwear
  • The day my dad came... oh the shame of it. The one and only time he ever came to anything to do with me, and he asked out my teacher, humiliated me several times and then just left me there without taking me home with him, so all the other kids laughed at me and I had to go sit in the playground on my own til my mum turned up and took me home. That was the first, last and only time I have ever cried in school
  • I "accidently" bumped the girl I had a crush on in 6th grade. I ended up falling down the stairs and she only fubbled and walked away.
  • probably just rippng my pants.. :) embaressing.. but to make it worse BRIGHT RED UNDIES!
  • I got a boner when looking at my sexy teacher and she said 'what's that in your pocket young man?' and whacked it in front of the whole class. lol
  • So this story isn't one of mine but a friend's. It's just so hilarious I have to share it. So this happened when he was in second grade. Well one time when he took a shower he left his dirty underpants in his bluejeans. He decided to wear the same pair of jeans the next day and so when he put them on the underpants were still in them. About half way through the day he got up to do something in class and noticed that there was a bulge on the back of his pants leg. As he walked his dirty underwear fell out of his pants leg into the middle of the classroom. Fortunately no one saw it so he picked them up and stuffed them into his desk. The next day however the teacher found them in his desk....
  • my boyfriend pulled my tripp pants down during lunch break in 9th grade and since i never wore panties when i wore tripp pants...everone saw my...yeah...anyway i kicked him in the balls for 3 days and then when he confronted me i slapped him in the face and never spoke to him again...i think i was a bit to hard on him...

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