• I think we're usually called just Americans. which is messed up, just because your black you shouldn't have to be called African American. You're American just like white people!
  • I'd just rather be called an American.
  • Yup, it's just a dumb political correctness thing. Here in the UK we just call black people black, the same way we call a white person white and nationality doesn't come into it.
  • No one makes a big deal about that because whites are a political and demographic majority. Designations like Native or African America enable those minorities to reclaim their heritage as a positive thing, even though they haven't treated as full citizens in the past. Still, I do think that just to be fair, there wouldn't be anything wrong with calling whites Euro Americans.
  • The US President had a white mother and a black (Kenyan) father who deserted the family. He was largely raised by his white grandparents and mother who deserve a lot of the credit for raising such a successful person. Interestingly, I have heard him classify himself as an African American.
  • Ok, if your born in Africa and move here, are you still an African-American if you're white?? Some things I just don't understand.
  • I thought whites, liked to be called caucasians.
  • why not just call each other by their names. not their race. its all degrading no matter what. if i were to be called something it would be like irish-scottish-english-dutch-native american girl.
  • Actually, most American Indians like to be called...American Indians. Although they do realize that the term Native American is kindly meant. And the reason the terminology changes regarding any group in the population is that that particular group asks for a change. Whites haven't asked for that.
  • Because that would suggest they are just another group/race of humans and Republicans prefer to view themselves as the 1 true race, the one true human. . Scientists have long since concluded that Americans here at the time of the "discovery" were a blend of Europeans and Asians that had migrated here around 16,000 years ago, the Asians being first. It's still undecided if there was a pre-existing race of Americans, but by the time of the "discovery" all had melted into a single race.
  • The term "Native American is just another misnomer pushed on us by the white people. Most of us would rather be known as the citizens of our respective tribes. That is a bit difficult for those that don't know though. Older people, like my generation and those before me had no problem with Indian. It wasn't until Indians from Hindustan started arriving here that the white people decided to change our names to accomodate them. Most of the younger generations prefer Native, or indigenous to Indian or Native American. The old timers always pronounced it as "Indin" 2/4/23
  • That's exactly what I call myself. On forms where there's a list of "race", I skip to "other" and write European American. I hope that such questions disappear, the sooner the better. A more appropriate category would be "citizenship".
  • Many black Americans don't like to be called African Americans, being that they are not from Africa, have been there or know about the African culture. Black Americans or black people is more like it. Same for white Americans, white people.
  • Because European Americans aren't eight times more likely to be arrested than Black Americans. They should be treated differently because they are different. That's why. Its a fairly simple concept to me. I don't understand why people have such difficulty with it.

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