• Really bad idea! When you breed bacteria outside of a specially sterilized laboratory environment you will be growing a variety of bacteria from the environment, some of which can be harmful when grown in large amounts.
  • Is it acidophilus? If so you can make yogurt with it. You used to be able to buy it but I haven't seen it for ages. You should be able to buy the culture for doing it from a health food shop. The instruction should be with the culture, but it not heat milk to just below boiling & let it cool to blood heat. Alternatively use a tin of evaporated (not condensed sweetened!!) milk and dilute it with the same amount of hot water. Add your culture. Put it in a wide necked thermos flask and wait 12 - 24 hours. You should then find it has set. Tip it into a bowl, put it in the fridge and there you are!. You can add honey or fruit to tatse if you want. You can make more by repeating the process & using a big spoonful of the yogurt instead or more culture. You can do this several times before you need to start again.
  • This may be OK, for a while, (up to a year, at maximum) but, inevitably, new strains of bacteria will develop, and some may be harmful!

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