• I didn't do much to get punished for, but I got spanked a few times.
  • A swift and painful smack to the ass with a hand. Every now and then dad would break out the white disco belt and wear me out with it.
  • i got spanked with a wooden spoon
    • Kenz the Frenz
      My mum never used one of those for spanking.
    • Crazychick
      Neither did mine.
  • My parents would do the belt thing and really hard at that.
  • Often a slap!
  • I got smacked and then sent to my room.
    • Nosmo King
      I was usually sent to my room first, then spanked inside my room.
    • Crazychick
      I was often spanked in my room, Nosmo. It's better that way, isn't it? It's more private.
  • I often got spanked, but when older, put on restriction.
  • Nothing, I was never punished really, but once my mom got fed up and pulled me across the floor by my ponytail.
  • Just go to your room. I never got hit or anything.
  • Yardstick beatings were common, along with wire flyswatter tenderizings.
  • Spankings, standing in the corner, not allowed to get up from the couch, groundings. Oh, and getting my mouth washed out with soap or having to get drops of hot sauce.
  • No television mainly
  • Guilt. What you do reflects on yo mama.
  • I had to fetch a bucket of snow from the top of Mount Fuji and get it to my father before it melted.
  • I never really did anything. My parents would have never physically punished me, even if I had. I remember getting sent to my room a few times, that's about it.
  • When young, I was spanked...NEVER beaten or injured. When I was too big to spank I was grounded usually up to a week. I can and honestly do say spankings never hurt me although I think at the time I was sure I was being killed. But today I can also honestly say the spankings I received has made me a better man today. I am very much in favour of spankings when properly administered are a great teacher of correct behaviour.
  • What IS a naughty step?
  • dad beat us with anything he wanted to.
  • I was never a child.
  • My dad use to spank me with a belt REALLY hard. I swear that he held nothing back with every swing he took. I lived my entire childhood is complete fear of him. But I've grown out of that. I was so use to being hit so hard that when my mom tried to punish me that way, I would only laugh because it didn't even phase me. Or I would act like it was painful so that she didn't tell my dad to do it for her. lol.
    • Crazychick
      My dad used to spank me with a belt really hard. I lived my entire childhood pretending to fear him while all the time secretly enjoying every smack he gave me. My mum was no slouch in the spanking department either, she's a big, well-built woman.
  • usually one or two of these: grounded, sent to room, fave toy taken away, no tv or no pocket money that week.
  • A smack to the leg with the hand. My mum didn't like using wooden spoons or anything because with her hand she could tell exactly how hard she hit us.
  • I was given a smacked bum and grounded, which meant I wasn't allowed outside to play with my friends, but i eventually got wise that if i annoyed my mum and dad enough they just used to say, 'Oh just go outside and play!!' Haha!
    • Kenz the Frenz
  • I got lumps on my head from a hair brush then stripes on my legs from a belt when my dad got home.
  • Cat o' nine tails on a bare rump. The nuns hit me with the board of education.
  • I got sent to my room, spent most of my mid teen years grounded. People who hit kids today are asking for their kids to be taken away for awhile. If they do it in public in front of me,the kid isn't going to be the only one getting smacked.
  • Public nudity.
  • Dad used to hit with his hand, when he was really pissed he would tell me to go pick a stick to beat me with so id always come back with a twig and that would really get him pissed so hed say ah f890 it! and take off his belt and beat me with that, mom used a wooden stick, I used to put them in the burn pile but she always had one more I didnt know about; my childhood was great! I gave both my parents plenty of exercise, especially after I set off bottle rockets in the bathroom, at 38 my ass is still sore from that one.
    • Crazychick
      He shouldn't have beat you when he was drunk. That's abuse.
  • A bar of soap in my mouth it seamed like for ever at the time.
    • Crazychick
      That's definitely abuse, Robster. Who knows what allergic reactions that might cause?
  • none i didnt eva realy get punished all i can think of is yelled at and grounded.
  • My dad used to smack me a lot! but, he was right, I was a mean little bastard!
  • a smack on the bum is what i was given and i will only smack my kid if he is really naughty and i will never intend to hurt him it is a good way to educate kids right and wrong and to say 'i would never smack my kids' is not good in the long term....
  • spanking, grounded, no TV... what ever
  • Me was just a fake threat to be punish because I really was a naive child and never realize they were only bluffing. But my cousin he used to get the belt something terrible but the funny thing he was the only kid I saw every fight back during a spanking. That dude use to be swinging at his dad. That dude was crazy for real. I always ask him what sets him off but he always says nothing but I believe some form of abuse or mistreatment was a foot
  • My dad whipped the stew out of me. He mostly used his belt. My mom used to tell us, "one day, you'll thank us for loving you enough to discipline you." THAT will never happen. My dad taught high school for 30 years on a military base. He took a kid out in the hall once for 3 whacks with his paddle. After the first whack, the kid stood up, cursed and ran out the door, never to return. My dad is 80 now, and he likes to say, "somewhere in this world there's a boy I owe 2 whacks."
  • Mostly spankings followed by sitting in a chair.
  • I was sent to my room for an eternity, and then after that, I had to wash and clean everything while she was being fanned and had sunglasses and having some lemonade.
  • You don't want to know. If we did those things we'd be in prison or a psych facility.
  • smacked butt
  • The nuns used to slap me (I'm still afraid of nuns). My dad would use a belt but not often and my grand mother had a pair of pink hard soled slippers that she could throw around corners. He was deadly accurate so you treaded lightly around grandma.
  • My parents were divorced. At my moms it was a spanking and grounded. At my dads it was a talking to and grounded. I must say I listen, followed rules and respected my father a LOT more than my mother. (Spanking is for consenting adults only!)
  • I sometimes got the belt or a switch. I had old fashioned parents who did not hesitate to spank us if we did something wrong. There is a very fine line between spanking and abuse though.
  • Depends how p*ssed off a mood she was in when I was naughty or she assumed I was in the wrong. Anything from being locked in my room, to smacks to getting bruises from hits to getting a smack on the rear end with the kettle cord.
  • Grounded, Slapped, Guilt-Trip
  • Spankins and beat downs.
  • I had to wear a blindfold in a locked closet for 24 hours with no one to talk to except a live frog who was also my dinner.
  • when i was younger i was given 3 warnings then if i still carried on i wuud be sent on the naughty stait(the bottom step of the stairs)where i wold have to sit for the number of my age! if i came off that wich i usally did i got double my mintes untill i actllysta there for the correct amount of time if i was still carrying and being naughty my mam wud do repaet this until i was given a smacked bottom and a i hated getting my bottom smacked then i would be sent to bed!
  • groundings,spankings.
  • We either loss privledges or got assigned the unwanted house chores (like toilet cleaning).
    • Nosmo King
      Were you ever punished for inserting an unwanted "d" into the word "privileges"? If so, how?
  • being shouted at and sometimes stars were taken away from my chart. BOO HOO!
  • Smacked Butt
  • being allowed to grow up. It is a scary world out there.
    • Crazychick
  • Smacked bum every time.
  • Smacked bum.
  • Smacked bum.
  • Smacked bum.
  • I've gotten smacked on the face, hand and rear end
    • Crazychick
      Hitting somebody in the face is abuse. Spanking on the rear end is not.
  • I grew up in the 1940s when things were different. My mother used an old sewing machine belt (boy, that hurt) but Dad only used his hand. At school all the teachers came armed with canes that they used enthusiastically. It must have worked, though -- we actually learned things and there wasn't a mobile phone in sight.
    • Nosmo King
      Only because mobile phones didn't exist in the 1940s. Lol:)
    • Didge
      There's a name I haven't seen for a while. Think there used to be an English comedian who used it.
    • Nosmo King
      I got the name Nosmo King from a singer in 1974. I was 12 then and I noticed the name was the same letters as "No Smoking" so I chose it to take the p*ss out of the smoking ban. This was the song I remember the singer performing on Top Of The Pops in 1974 (it was a minor hit):

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