• If the cops kick in his door and find nude photos of underage girl(s), they would take him straight to jail. After a month or two in jail he would get a trial. If he is also having sex with her, he could definitely do 5 - 10 in prison. After he gets out, he'll have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. His photo will be posted online for all to see, making it harder to find a job and a place to live. It all depends on his overall record, the competence of his attorney, and the judge and/or jury. These are estimates based on local proceedings.
  • YES that is very illegal, and although she may not think so hes prob a sick man and this can lead to kno good. You need to be a good friend and tell her parents!! Before its to late (God Forbid)
  • Does he know she is sending them? Meaning is he asking for them or is he deleting them and telling her to stop. It's a weird situation. If he is keeping them its child pornography. On the other hand its really difficult to block incoming text messages and usually requires cell carrier intervention. It's hard to know for sure without knowing the intent of either party.
  • That equals a lifetime of hassle for him, if you ask me.
  • yep...very much trouble

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