• If he is old enough to drive he should be beyond the "grounding" stage. You need to teach him responsibility but you will only earn his respect and be successful if you can reach him on his level. Or elevate him to your level if possible. Just reach him :)
  • I wouldn't. I know that all the statistics say seat belts are great, but more of my friends have died in accidents because they had a seat belt on. I don't feel the government should tell you that you have to wear one.
  • I would not ground them. I would talk to them and let them know the importance of safety and after the talk I would tell them that the seat belt violation is the first and last as if he gets another that the car will be taken away period. If he does not have the knowledge and knowhow to drive by the rules then he can not drive at all. Do not play games with that as death is not a game. Grounding is a slap on the hand. This really needs to get through his head or tough love him. His life is the important fact here.
  • i wouldn't punish them at all. my best friend died because she was wearing her seat belt. if she wasn't, she would be alive right now. i think that there should be no rule or law saying wearing a seat belt is required.
  • i would just take their liscence away
  • I probably wouldn't . My nephew's life was SAVED because he was not wearing a seatbelt when the truck he was a passenger in wrecked. He was thrown clear ; and the top of the cab was crushed clear down to the passenger seat .. He would have been KILLED if he had been wearing a seat belt . I do not think that wearing of a seatbelt should be legislated BUT should be a matter of Personal Choice ...
  • I would ground my kid between 2-3 weeks from being able to use the car. And make him pay for the ticket as well.
  • How about making the kid pay for the seatbelt ticket with his or her own money? That's better than grounding; it's pounding in the lesson.

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