• I have a daughter who is three, and there is no reason to send her to any type of a pre-school. When President Obama campaigned, he wanted to make it mandatory that all three years olds go to some sort of a state ran pre-school. Sorry, Mr. President, she's my daughter and I make decisions for her such as these. It has been proven time and time again that while, yes, it does give you a slight lead to start regular schooling, by the time you reach third grade there is no advantage or disadvantage between the pre-school and home pre-school kids. Most of the time, parents do a better job raising their kids them some paid strangers, and I never like to pay for what I could accomplish myself for free, like teaching kids to could, the alphabet, and other things fundamental to a good start to educational.
  • im not a parent but i went to pre school, and i would say. . . no it will not help your kid
  • I dont have any children.... but im a teacher. And its soooo obvious to pick out the younger kids that have not gone to pre-school. They are un-socialised. They dont know how to share, take turns, wait etc. This in turn can be very difficult in the first years of school when they should be learning numbers, letters etc.... because a lot of their energy is wasted trying o comprehend sharing, and taking turns. I think sending children to pre-school before they start school is very valuable because they leran skills like sharing and turn taking which in turn helps them focus on the content that schools are there to teach them easier.
  • I allowed my children to participate in playgroups on an occasional basis for socialization reasons only. Other than that, i figured the twelve years of schooling they would have to attend would provide education enough and i did not send them to preschool. My children had every right to have a mother who stayed at home and raised them for as long as possible, prior to the demands that life and education were to place on them. I do not believe for one moment that preschool has any real or proven benefit on the children who attend and in fact, many i know who did, do not even have a job. My children are all bright, intelligent, well adjusted individuals with successful careers and they have not been disadvantaged at all by the lack of attending preschool. It is my belief that anything taught at pre school can be taught at home in a caring and nurturing environment by a caring responsible parent who has an interest in their child and in their child's education. PS: Great question ! :)
  • Yes I did send my son to preschool. It helped him a lot. He basically took it to socialize him. When I lived with my ex it was traumatic for him cuz of the stuff that he saw. My son was scared to leave me for a long long time. He took preschool twice since he was a little young for kindergarden. Now he's a little social bug with tons of friends.
  • Definitely. It socialises them and it teaches them to share with other kids and not be selfish. In addtion, it makes them more independent from mum and dad, which is a good thing.
  • Both of my kids had preschool at their daycare programs. I thought it was beneficial to both of them.
  • Yes, I did. Not, I do not think there is a significant advantage. Perhaps there was a social advantage.

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