• depends on the application. generally, the AK-47 is the best. cheaper, robust, functional, easy to operate, adequate stopping power.
  • AK-47 cheap,relible, big round. you can bury it in sand, dirt, mud, anything relly and it will still fire. thats why troops in iraq are throwing away there M16s and takeing AK-47s
  • The M16 has better accuracy but less stopping power. Also the AK47 is a more robust weapon. The M16 will jam on you in a heartbeat. I had one jam on me after low crawling through a sawdust pit.
  • AK-47. It may not be accurate, but what it hits knows it's been hit. There is also a little thing called "durability". M-16s do well on the range and with *constant* cleaning. You can bury an AK in quicksand, leave it there for a month, pull it out and fire it, usually without even knocking the crap out of the barrel. An inaccurate gun that fires hits more often than an accurate gun that jams.
  • it depends on the situation in which you are gonna use the rifle. the ak-47 is better over short distances and for smaller armies that need cheap reliable simple weapon. the m16a4 is better over long distance and is more accurate. the ak is in combat conditions better then the m16 but statisticly the m16 is better so it depends.
  • The AK is a much more reliable weapon. You can pour sand in at and it will still fire. It also uses a much more powerful round that is more accurate at a much greater range. The US military switched from the .308 round to a .223 with the introduction of the M16. The idea behind it was twofold. First, they decided that engagements over 300 meters were ineffective (the M16 effective range at a point target is 300 meters - in capable hands). It also found that due to the lighter round an infantry soldier could carry a larger number of rounds at the same weight. The standard combat load for a US infantry soldier is 7 magazines (210 rounds).
  • For a modern army, the M-16 is 50 years more advanced, and more accurate. For an army like Saddam's Iraqi army or a militia, the AK47 requires less training and upkeep.
  • M16A4>AK47
  • None. I despise guns, but admit that they can be used for protection. Some people just take it a bit far. In our whole history we have learned more about killing each other better than we have about treating diseases. Isn't that a bit shameful at all? I think so but oh well.
  • AK-47. I like things that are low maintenance, and any mechanical thing that you can bury in the mud, leave for a few months, and then use without even cleaning it out is a good thing :)
  • Mini-14
  • Duh the m16, the AK is accurate up to 300 yds. but the m16 is accurate up to 1200 yds. I don't care if they say the m16 is weaker if you shoot someone in the head they're automatically dead.

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