• Go into the garden and cut some grass.
  • Go outside... its not rocket science
  • Smoke from a pipe instead of a joint/blunt, and keep your lighter pressed against the bowl as you hit it to prevent residual smoke from leaving the bowl; it's even better if you can find a pipe that is built to have no smoke escape the bowl. Exhale through a "spoof," which is simply a toilet paper roll tube stuffed with dryer sheets. Smoke in a room with good ventilation, as well.
  • You can't, the smoke contains the smell, and only removing that will remove the smell. Vent the room, and burn something that will mask the remainder that you can't vent (there will be some). Take up meditation to excuse the sudden use of incense. I hear meditation is good for you.
  • You just think you can...
  • There is some pretty good stuff with very little odor - called "Flatweed" . Most people will think you're wacko when you ask about it though because most haven't heard about it since it's been only recently developed. A group in Arizona developed it. Good luck. (No, I'm not talking about the yellow flowery plant, cats ear, that you'll probably find upon a google search or something for flatweed.)
  • if you shove a stocking full of crushed up charcoal into the tube of a vacuum (the hose part) and blow the smoke into it, the charcoal will act as a filter, you can also make something just like this with a USB powered fan, a pringles tube and a stocking full of charcoal, it works, i use it every night.
  • Smoke it in the backyard
  • use lots of air freshener.
  • For crying out loud, smoke it outside then. No way you're going to keep it from smelling. Light a candle, whatever. It don't work.
  • The best way to smoke in your house without being caught is to smoke in the bathroom , i do this all the time and never have been caught as long as you follow all these steps . 1. *Make sure that your bathroom has a air vent or window , Mine has a small vent and it still works so this shouldnt be a big problem 2. *Put towel under the door , So there's no gap for smoke to be released from the bathroom. 3. *Light a candle , make sure you light this before smoking 4. *Run shower water , This always works because your parents wont expect you to be smoking weed , and with the shower running they'll just think your taking a normal shower. 5. *Then Smoke , :) 6. *MOST IMPORTANT* AFTER YOUR DONE SMOKING MAKE SURE YOU USE A SPRAY SUCH AS FEBREEZE,HAIR SPRAY , THIS CAN BE ANYTHING WITH A GOOD SMELL . BUT FEBREEZE WORKS BEST 7. *NOTE* SMELL TAKES AT LEAST 20 MINS TO GET RID OF IN YOUR BATHROOM , BUT IT ACTUALLY GOES BY PRETTY FAST WHEN YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE OR IPOD TO LISTEN TO OR TEXT SOMEONE . READ!!!!!!READ!!!!!!READ!!!!!!READ!!!!!!READ!!!!!! NOTE * DONT OVER DO IT BY HAVING A COLD SESSION IN YOUR BATHROOM OR SMOKING BLUNTS , THE BEST WAY TO KEEP SAFE IS TO SMOKE OUT OF A PIPE , THERE THE EASIEST TO GET THE SMELL OUT WITH , HAVE FUN :)
  • Why? It has such a nice fragrance, aahhh:) But, if you must, how about putting pure vanilla in the oven. Takes away worse odors.
  • When I was a teenager I turned the overhead fan on, smoked a joint and then took a long shower with lots of fragrant soaps and shampoo. Never got caught.
  • after a while of experience i've come up with a step process. first turn on a fan so the smoke can easily clear out. if you don't want the smell gone than take toilet paper roll, stuff if full of dryer sheets, you probably have some in your laundry room. blow your smoke through that and it should come out smelling like clean clothes. the final step is scented candles. they work really good believe it or not, i remember smoking a blunt in my room and lighting one scented candle and the smell was completely gone. good luck

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