• I think she is darling just the way she is.
  • she should stay just like she is.there is a ABer with the username of "perfectly flawed" i just love that thought.the unique are just that.
  • Part of her allure is the quality of the voice that comes from the look of a commoner. But I believe a makeover would make her feel even better about herself.
  • Once she opens her mouth to sing nobody is going to care what she looks like, most beautiful voice I have heard in a long time.
  • She is perfect the way she is! But might actually love the pampering of a make over. I would! +5
  • I think she should do what SHE wants. If she let others influence her, she would have walked off the stage without singing a note.
  • A make over would lessen her appeal. She is a common person with an uncommon talent. No amount of makeover is going to make her glamorus and would show she is vain. She'll do better just as she is. She has a saucy personality which will also do well. It shows she has a good opinion/confidence in herself.
  • Although I hate putting store on the outward appearance, I feel for her. Here is a woman who has been made to age early by being the child chosen to look after the aging mother. She looks like her mother. I feel sorry for her. She is younger than me yet she looks years older. For her own sake, while she is still young, I would love to see her made into a woman her age. She doesn't have to be transformed into a supermodel, just made look her own pretty age, with that big smile lighting up the room.
  • I don't think she should change anything, but I know she will have some pressure put on her....let's face it....supermodels need makeovers....I would do hair and make-up, but that is it!...she carried her self very well in that audition!
  • Simon Cowell has stated quite categorically that they do not intend to give her a makeover.
  • I have already exchanged nine emails with my bud about her appearance. He thinks the voice is all she needs. I think she will opt for a make over to some degree during the competition. I make this call based upon Susan's response to a question about her desires. Susan replied that she wants to be like Sarah Brightman (who is not a perfect beauty but is well made up to compliment her great voice). This is what the public wants.
  • I think she is delightful exactly as she is. However, she should do whatever makes her feel good. It seems as if she has led a rather modest, quiet, simple life and if she wants to get all glammed up and change her appearance I say go for it! Whatever she does on the outside has nothing to do with her talent! :)
  • Susan is just fine. Anything that is not real Susan at this point will detract from the purity of her presence onstage. I say, Susan, stay your charming self.
  • I don't think she should unless she really wants to without any external persuasion. I, others, and hopefully she see that she's as beautiful as her voice. :)
  • If she would like one, then I think it would be a lovely thing for her. Nobody should suggest to her that she needs it for fame and appreciation though, because she doesn't, clearly.
  • I think she should be herself and do whatever she feel comfortable with.
  • Well being good-looking never hurts! :) Everybody is talking about her voice, which is indeed quite good. But I think vocally she's pretty much on the same level with a lot of professional stage singers -- if you go to see a Broadway musical, pretty much all of them can sing that well. What's remarkable about Susan is the incredible shock of the contrast between her appearance and presentation, vs. her intense performance *presence* -- this is a woman who performs with absolutely no doubt, with the authority of someone who is the master and source of their creative energy. The buck stops with Susan, and you would never know it until she opens her mouth. At that point, people forget what she looks like.
  • I am so tired of air-brushing, teeth whitening, plastic surgering, botoxing, and all that that I could puke. Honest to god, when I see an actual woman, I am amazed at how good looking she is without that stuff. Susan Boyle is fine just as she is. The world has many people who look like her. Why should they all reach for the perfection stupid people from Hollywood shoot for?
  • I don't think a makeover is gonna help the poor lady. And, yeah, there is a charm about her as she is now. Enough charm to recieve a first kiss but not enough to start an actual career.

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