• A celebration of one's life, unless you hated the person - then it's a celebration of their death!
  • no celebration at the actual funeral whatsoever. its a time to remember and to mourn.. after the funeral, is the celebration of one's life.
  • friends funeral was awesmoe.MANDATORY t-shirts,jeans and flip flop.there was live music a poker tournement.Zippy we did what you wanted and it rocked like you wanted,God speed my friend.
  • I see it as "closure"!
  • I view it as a celebration of ones life. Funerals aren't for the dead, they're a form of closure for those that are left behind.
  • Let's get this show over with and get on to the reading of the will.
  • Not a celebration of death... I can't even put these 2 words together - they look weird. Funeral is all about the memories about the person. My mom passed away and it was only mourning feeling with a huge gap in my heart. There was nothing else I could think about that day.
  • Neither.. certainly not a celebration of death! Although I'm sure that's not what you meant by that! I see it as more somber than a celebration of life. It is about contemplation and memories and mourning. The wake is a celebration of life.
  • I see it as a way to make money for people in the business.
  • I don't see them as being a celebration of any kind. I see them as being an unnecessary event designed to bring misery to the people attending. If someone dies ... chuck 'em on the fire pile and be done with it.
  • deends on how much i liked the personm (joke)
  • Funerals these days are celebration of life.
  • I see it as a religious ceremony to depart someone from this world where he once existed!
  • There are all sorts of funeral rites and services. Look across centuries and cultures. There are death rituals. Some mark a "passage" from one life to another - on a spiritual plane. Some speak of "from ashes to ashes .. dust to dust". To me, it's a social ritual. Someone dies and the living need a way to acknowledge that person .. and of course, need ways to deal with their own grieving. A funeral makes it "final" and provides a social mechanism for saying goodbye, acknowledging loss, remembering why and how this person MATTERED in the world. Within that last lies one kernal of what funerals are: it is a way to honor the person who died. We gather - in respect - and say our goodbyes. We remember them. We share our stories. We help each other too as we come to terms with our loss and pain and grief. It is a ritual that helps us move through this part of "the cycle of life and death".
  • Unless the loved one suffered through a long, debilitating illness, etc., I would see a funeral as a celebration only in that the deceased is now free of all earthly and mortal pain. It should be a time to remember whatever good things the person stood for or contributed to his "rent" for being here on Earth. All of the previous is, personally, dependent on one's religious beliefs or lack thereof. For Christians it should have an underlying sense of joy that we and our loved ones will eternally be with the Lord Jesus. For non-Christians, I cannot speak.
  • its more of a final goodbye to the one who passed away.
  • celebration of life- physical death is not the end but a new beginning.
  • Celebration of their life. Hey, its my last party so ill make sure its bumpin
  • It should be a celebration of their life, and also a time for people to cry with each other if they need to. But they're always the opposite. They're always dark, and gloomy, and creepy, and not comforting. It's dumb that people think it's disrespectful to smile and laugh at a funeral.
  • Celebration of life! When I go out.........P-A-R-T-Y til you puke! No crying what-so-ever!!! Celebrate the life and EXCELLENT times we had together! PARTY ON! +5
  • The last one I saw had about 5 buses loaded with people drinking whiskey, having sex and gambling..I think they buried their pastor :) It can depend on attitude or feelings. LIke in the south, they go weeping and come back dancing, more dancing if they had a big life insurance policy. But that's the way it should be. Life DOES go on after we are gone.
  • Furnerals used to be as mournings for the dead, now it's as celebtrations of life.
  • The funeral should ideally be a celebration of one's life, but there are many instances where there is little if anything to be celebrated.
  • At first as a celebration of death b/c i'm grieving or in shock and I'am not thinking clearly but when all is calm and the shock wears off then I remember it as a celebration of ones life.
  • A celebration of that persons life. +5

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